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How to Run Multi-Channel ABM Campaigns

Hosted with RollWorks

Why It's No Longer Enough to Be Customer-centric

Hosted with the Customer-Powered Alliance

5 Fresh ABM Tactics To Engage Your Target Accounts

Hosted with Terminus & Vidyard

Advocacy Begins with Onboarding

Featuring Uberflip

State of Pipeline Marketing Personalized Marketing


How to Drive Online Conversions with Offline Engagements

Hosted with Drift

Personalized Marketing

Hosted with RollWorks & Vidyard

ABM Takes on a Fresh Revamp

Hosted with Folloze

“Sendoso provides us with a personalized and automated way to build relationships. Whether we’re sending hundreds of unique dimensional mailers for a marketing campaign or adding handwritten notes to each of our sales team’s personalized, one-to-one outreach, the full functionality of the platform and incredible customer support help us like never before.”

Jessica Cross, Rollworks

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