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4 Direct Mail Campaign Triggers for Smart OmniChannel Marketing Strategies

Utilizing a direct mail campaign in your omnichannel revenue strategy is easier than ever—thanks to the ability to automatically trigger sending. Our solution offers APIs and integrations across marketing, sales, and customer success software that enable you to set up programs that will send direct mail based on specific criteria. ...


Behind the Sends: How We’re Making Direct Mail Sustainable

Our customers use our platform to connect with customers and prospects on a human level using direct mail, so a key part of Sendoso’s mission is making this form of communication sustainable for the environment. We know that many of the things our customers send with our solution use paper. That’s why we’re committed to replenishing trees across the globe and only using responsibly harvested paper.


Direct Mail Unboxed: Game of Thrones Pop-Up Card

This week, we’re showing off a fantastical direct mail piece in a very special episode of Unboxed titled, “Game of Sends.” We know that every item sent to prospects or customers via direct mail must be both relevant and personalized. One way we’re doing that this quarter is with some amazing 3D cards from our vendor partners at Lovepop.


How to A/B Test Corporate Gifts Throughout The Sales Cycle: Sendoso + Clari

In today's competitive marketplace, the buyer experience is more important than ever. Cold calls and repeated emails to “just follow up” aren’t enjoyable and don’t accelerate sales cycles. Research shows that even a small corporate gift can create better buying experiences and influence the success of sales negotiations. But how do you know what to send? And when?

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