Prospecting With Personalization That Gets Results

In a world where software companies seem to be popping up left and right, it’s hard to get noticed. A great way to stand out is to do something memorable in your outreach so that the prospect can tie it back to you and they will know who you are. ...


5 Ways to take your Direct Mail Campaigns to the Next Level

Whether it’s your first direct mail send, or you’ve ran multiple direct mail campaigns, there could be ways to improve the performance of your sends. We rounded up some of the experts that work on direct mail initiatives for our customers and internally to share some tips and tricks to help you take your next campaign to a new level.


The Best Direct Mail Sends for Each Account Segment Ft. Triblio

Gift giving can be tough on both the personal and corporate level. Is your strategy to be practical or to stand out? Are you all about the $50 Amazon gift card? Or would you opt for clever mugs and branded wine bottles?


The Age Of Customer Experience

What is the main building block of brand loyalty? Having  excellent customer experience with a brand is the leading influencer for brand loyalty. Your prospects and customers feel your level of customer experience spanning from your website chat to your marketing emails. In an age where every business is trying to excel at customer experience, why wouldn’t you try direct mail to help with this goal? Let’s see 3 simple ways to use direct mail to help you excel at Customer Experience:

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