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Direct Mail Unboxed: Sustainable Wooden Gifts from Woodchuck USA [Video]

In this episode of Unboxed, we take a look at a sustainable gift that keeps on giving. Sendoso’s vendor partners at Woodchuck USA sent us this beautiful direct mail piece complete with a wooden luggage tag, business card holder, bottle opener, and notebooks. Our favorite part of this direct mail piece is that Woodchuck plants a tree for every gift that is purchased.


Smart Sales Teams are Turning to Direct Mail. Here’s Why.

I have been getting a barrage of emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn requests for as long as I can remember, but I will never forget the time a sales development rep (SDR) contacted me via direct mail. The SDR reached out to me through a series of emails, then she ...


Why Your Direct Mail Campaign Needs Handwritten Notes

In the digital age of computers and smartphones, how often do you hand write anything anymore? When was the last time you received a note in your mailbox instead of your email inbox? Nowadays, direct mail is rare. But people everywhere are feeling such a sense of digital overwhelm right ...


Direct Mail Unboxed: Wine Box Video Mailer from UviaUs [Video]

In our most recent episode of Unboxed, we showcase a two-part send (complete with both a video mailer and a bottle of wine) from our partners at UviaUs. This is a great example of how creative and personalized direct mail pieces can create a truly amazing experience for your audience.

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