How to Use Gifting Through the Marketing Funnel

In the business world, a thoughtful gift can be the difference between a sale and dead silence. But when is the right time to send gifts in the first place? Turns out, the entire marketing funnel is full of gift-giving opportunities. Whether you’re trying to onboard new customers or build ...


The Evolution of Sales: Fostering the Human Connection

Not every business today can manage taking all prospects out to a round of golf and a fancy dinner. Even so, today’s businesses can still personalize the sales process and make that human connection throughout the buying journey. Over the course of history, we’ve seen sales techniques evolve dramatically. Today, even though we’re driven by data and technology, the level of personalization with which companies can approach leads and customers is improving all the time. Here, we’ll take a closer look at how to foster that human connection in your sales and marketing touchpoints.


The Impact of Direct Mail: Past, Present, and Future

Suppose you’re prospecting a lead at a company you’d like to do business with. After researching your prospect a bit more, you find out a couple facts: He is expecting a baby soon and owns a bulldog. What if you could give him the perfect gift that is sure to ...


Prospecting With Personalization That Gets Results

In a world where software companies seem to be popping up left and right, it’s hard to get noticed. A great way to stand out is to do something memorable in your outreach so that the prospect can tie it back to you and they will know who you are. ...

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