How to Follow Up After a Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail campaign doesn’t end once your packages get delivered. The beauty of direct mail and gifting is that they enable you to The beauty of direct mail and gifting is that they enable you to create more personable, authentic outreaches with your prospects to increase engagement. Where a lot of marketing and sales teams struggle, however, is perfecting the art of follow up without turning people off.


3 Corporate Gifting Ideas to Incentivize Survey Responses [SurveyMonkey + Sendoso]

What do corporate gifting ideas have to do with survey responses? We’re glad you asked. We recently launched an integration with SurveyMonkey so that you can incentivize survey responses with eGifts, swag, physical gifts, and more. Here are three different ways to incorporate gifting into your surveys.


How a Direct Mail Campaign Can Help You Move UpMarket

When it comes to going upmarket, a direct mail campaign might just be your secret weapon. Why? Because you know that selling into mid-market and enterprise companies means a much more complex sales process. The strategies that got your company to where it is today likely won’t work when selling ...


Why Your Sales Engagement Plan Needs Direct Mail [Podcast]

A brand new podcast from Outreach features trends we’re seeing in direct mail, creative direct mail ideas for your sales engagement plan, when to use direct mail in the sales cycle, and our CEO's experience of being an account executive turned CEO. Grab your headphones and tune it!

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