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Behind the Sends: How We Manage Swag Fulfillment at Scale [Video]

Posted by Sendoso in Sendoso Video

Operationalizing swag fulfillment at scale is no small feat. We utilize five warehouses across the globe to store, track, carefully package, and ship anything our customers (or we) ever need to send. This is possible thanks to our incredible staff at our biggest location in Las Vegas, headed by our Sendoso Warehouse Manager Dante Welch.


4 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Should Be a Priority in 2019

Fellow marketers: Do you feel like your emails are being buried? In truth, they probably are. The average office worker receives 120+ emails a day . So how can you be unique and personalized in your messaging to prospects when every other marketer is vying for their attention too? By ...


Direct Mail Unboxed: Gourmet Popcorn Send from Garrett Popcorn Shops [Video]

The Sendoso team is back with another edition of Unboxed! This time, we’ve got a sweet and savory treat from our vendor partners at Garrett Popcorn Shops. Their team sent us a delightful snow-themed tin during the holiday season with a thoughtful note. Inside the tin was a mix of caramel and cheddar popcorn (which was quickly devoured in our office).


How Direct Mail Marketing Influences Purchasing Decisions [Infographic]

In the digital age, direct mail marketing might be more powerful than it’s ever been. Sure, this channel can be difficult to automate, scale, and measure ROI for without a Sending Platform. But research shows that direct mail is more enjoyable, memorable, and persuasive than digital messages. While people will ...

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