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The Sendoso and Terminus integration allows you to:

  • Engage your Target Accounts at the right time.
  • Trigger sending as an engagement channel based on any Terminus field.
  • Enable your GTM teams to execute sending at the right time with Terminus notifications.
  • Measure ROI on all your Sendoso campaigns through Terminus (or Salesforce) to track send success.

Ways to Use the Integration

Break into accounts. No matter your criteria for readiness, always trigger sending as a channel based on Terminus fields to engage your Target Accounts at the right time.

Segment sends based on role.  Looking to get more granular? Set up specific sends based on opportunity role, such as evaluator, decision maker, or influencer, ensuring you create a more personalized experience.

Close deals faster. With your Terminus data, never let a hot lead fall through the cracks. Convert your leads to opportunities faster and never let an opportunity go cold by staying top of mind.

Measure ROI and influence. With the Terminus platform and Sendoso’s analytics, seamlessly map ROI and influence metrics back to your database for accurate reporting daily with the team, or quarterly with the executive team.

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