We Are Sendoso

Businesses of the future will need to find unique ways to reach buyers and customers on a fundamentally human level. We’re on a mission to help companies rise above the noise by eradicating spam and elevating relationships. Our goal is to enable businesses everywhere to make more human connections in a digital world.

Our Investors

Sendoso Co-Founders Kris Rudeegraap and Braydan Young

Our Founders

A few years ago, Kris and Braydan noticed a universal dilemma: Consumers and companies, alike, were drowning in digital noise. Cold emails went unopened; emails unanswered; apps got deleted; ads were ignored. Companies struggled with finding innovative ways to rise above the noise and build more meaningful relationships. So they started sending direct mail and corporate gifts to get on people’s desks, not just their inboxes. And it worked. But scaling this strategy would be nearly impossible—so they set out on a mission to build the world’s first Sending Platform: a comprehensive solution for sourcing, storing, shipping, and measuring ROI for anything a business ever needs to send.

Sendoso is a relevant tool for any team; a necessary tool in a world where digital outreach doesn’t always break through the noise. Sendoso touches are quickly becoming a standard touchpoint. And it’s not just the cookies or the stress balls that we send with Sendoso. It’s the data, the follow up, the message—all of it ties together to create this powerful package.”

Brooke Ballard, Alleyoop

Learn how to rise above the noise.

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