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Sendoso integrates with all your favorite tools


Send directly from within Salesforce, set up triggers or campaigns to send based on rules, automatically log activities, and more.

CHrome Browser Extension

Keep Sendoso with you wherever you already work and send anything off of Amazon for a hyper-personalized  touch.


Seamlessly trigger direct mail, handwritten notes, company swag, gift cards, eGifts, cupcakes and more—all from within Eloqua.


Set up swag stores in Sendoso so that when an order is placed via Shopify, the item(s) will be fulfilled via Sendoso. 


Automate direct mail, gifts, and eGift sends based any smart list criteria and track direct mail campaign success. 


Execute online and offline outreach campaigns, measure attribution, and enable teams to send direct mail and gifts at scale.


Automate reward fulfillment for survey respondents: Automatically send eGifts, swag, or direct mail as incentives.


Enhance the sales team’s cadences with the ability to send direct mail and gifts from directly within SalesLoft.  

Customer Engagement

Create advocates from customers by sending physical gifts and eGifts as rewards earned through the Advocate Hub platform.


Set up swag stores in Sendoso so that when an order is placed via Magento, the item(s) will be fulfilled via Sendoso. 

marketing automation

Digital marketing software connecting interactions from any channel or device.

marketing automation

Create automated workflows in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub that will trigger eGift cards and physical gifts based on any HubSpot criteria added to the workflow.

marketing automation

Choose from countless eGift options and send directly from Salesforce Pardot and track their delivery in Sendoso Analytics.

“It seems impossible to create more personalized relationships by doing less work. But Sendoso makes it possible for us to create those connections by bringing fragmented processes together into one easy interface.”

Hussam AlMukhtar, FinancialForce

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