Close Target Accounts

Engage and convert target accounts with personalized gifts that set you apart from the competition. Get ready to see a over 200% return on campaign investment, because that’s what our customers are seeing!

Break into Accounts Successfully

Another branded stress ball or datasheet will just end up in the trash. Stand out with something people actually want, like one of our hundreds of global gifts and eGifts from our exclusive marketplace. Or get creative with a completely personalized gift from Amazon—avoiding the trash every time.

Convert Leads Faster

Because we offer limitless sending possibilities, you can increase lead-to-opp conversion rates by engaging the whole buying team. Create specific sends for specific buyers—a Patagonia for decision-makers or a cool mug for deal champions— then execute on those sends on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis with ease.

Execute Your Strategy with Ease

Leave your competition in the dust with Sendoso—#1 in Account-Based Execution—in your stack! Why? We make strategic sending an easy reality, helping your brand rise to the top. And you can prove your efforts are making a real difference with the Analytics Dashboard, featuring snapshots of open opportunities, closed-won opportunities, and ROI for specific campaigns.

We’re just scratching the surface! Sendoso has so much more to offer.

Sendoso helps Cornerstone accelerate deals and set meetings with the prospects we normally have a difficult time getting in touch with. The unique sends help us break through the noise and come in with a message that resonates.

Sara Schonfeld

Sr. Marketing Strategist

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See how leading B2B companies use Sendoso to fuel revenue

We’ve seen response rates and success with Sendoso like no other form of outreach.

Peter Tarrant, Account Based Marketer, Tipalti

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