RollWorks Increases Response Rates by 55% With Sendoso


Increase in net new opportunities.


Increase in response rates


Sales team adoption

RollWorks is an account-based platform, powered by AI and machine-learning, that helps companies define target accounts and engage them throughout the buyer’s journey.


Katie Dunn, Events Marketing Manager is responsible for end-to-end field event execution, as well as, post-event follow-up programs with their target accounts. As part of her ABM strategy, she wanted to start sending personalized items to her target accounts but knew that she couldn’t keep up with the demand of sending hundreds of physical gifts per week.


In an effort to drive net new pipeline, Katie worked on a two-part send with the SDRs on their target accounts. Katie uses Sendoso to send 100 RollWork door-opener kits a week. Inside there is a fresh bag of coffee with a handwritten note. When the prospect takes the meeting, an additional Yeti mug is sent from Sendoso’s warehouse to enjoy their coffee in.

“If you are going to be doing good marketing and being customer centric you need a direct mail platform like Sendoso.”


RollWorks saw a 22% increase in net new opportunities by implementing Sendoso into their SDR outreach programs. Additionally, they saw a 55% increase in response rates when used in their marketing programs. Katie also measures team adoption of their different platforms. With Sendoso, there is 100% sales team adoption.

 “We typically have a 6-18 month sales cycle. When Sendoso is put into play we see a much shorter sales cycle.”

Katie Dunn, Rollworks

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