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Become an official Sendoso partner.

Consulting Program

Refer your clients to Sendoso
Sendoso’s Consulting Partner Program is for companies that want to help their clients implement a successful sending strategy at scale across all aspects of the customer journey by referring them to Sendoso.

Integration Program

Add sending features to your platform
Sendoso’s Integration Partner Program is for companies that want to integrate sending features into their platform to increase platform engagement, decrease churn, and grow their customer base.

Merchant Program

Become an authorized merchant
Sendoso sources products from authorized Sendoso Merchants to provide our customers with the highest quality items to make the largest impact in their sends.  Get added to our authorized Merchant list.

Sendoso is a relevant tool for any team; a necessary tool in a world where digital outreach doesn’t always break through the noise. Sendoso touches are quickly becoming a standard touchpoint. And it’s not just the cookies or the stress balls that we send with Sendoso. It’s the data, the follow up, the message—all of it ties together to create this powerful package.”

Brooke Ballard, Alleyoop

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