The Sendoso and integration allows you to:

  • Add Sendoso events to Outreach’s activity feed to never miss an opportunity for engagement
  • Embed Sendoso functionality within emails to fit your workflow
  • [NEW] Add dynamic eGift links into your Outreach Sequences to add a personal touch to your automated Sequences

Ways to Use the Integration

Initiate meaningful conversations. Direct mail and gifts are a great way to break through the noise, but without the proper tools it’s impossible for this process to scale effectively.

Increase demo attendance. The day of the scheduled demo, send an eGift to encourage attendance and build rapport.

Nurture relationships and close deals. Build and enhance relationships to help close deals faster by sending personalized gifts that speak directly to the prospect.

Decrease sales cycle lengths. After the demo takes place, follow-up with a “sweet to meet you” bundle to keep the conversation going and continue to stay top of mind.

Get started with Sendoso and

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