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Learn how Gong utilizes Sendoso to break into accounts and influence tens of millions in pipeline.

Demand Generation

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How the unicorn startup used Sendoso to increase international response rates by 3X.

How Samsara sparked conversation to increase pipeline sourced by more than 250% QoQ.

How Electric leveraged Sendoso to increase year-over-year revenue.

How Ontra made it rain around the world.
Read how one campaign yielded $15 in revenue per $1 spent.
Read how Sendoso is ringDNA’s top-influencer of sales generated opportunities.
How RollWorks increases net new opportunities by 22%.

Sales Development

How Tipalti drove nearly $3M in influenced revenue using Sendoso and 6Sense.

How Gong utilizes Sendoso to break into accounts and generate new opportunities.

See how Zuora garnered an 18% meeting booked rate from one campaign.

How Blend converts 62% of cold leads into opportunities.

How Chili Piper increases meeting show rates by 33%.

How Alleyoop generates 20% more meetings.

How Directly raises target account response rates by 11%.

How LiveRamp boosts meetings set with cold prospects by 33%.

Read how Sendoso is ringDNA’s top-influencer of sales generated opportunities.


Discover how MachiningCloud doubled its partners while influencing $3M a month in revenue.

How Boulevard generated nearly 4X ROI from one campaign.

How Guru generated a 5X increase in response rates.

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How Zendesk leveraged Sendoso to accelerate open deals

Lively drove 35% of quarterly pipeline from one Sendoso campaign.

How Cornerstone generates $4K in influenced pipeline for every dollar spent.

Read how 25% of League’s closed-won deals included a Sendoso Touch.

How Talkdesk’s teams save 12 hours per week using Sendoso.

See how generated 840% ROI across all direct mail sends.

Field Marketing

How ForgeRock increased influenced pipeline by 20% with Sendoso.

How Arctic wolf drives partner engagement, pipeline generation, and customer advocacy.

How FireMon partnered with Sendoso to surpass their ROI goal by 570%.

How PubNub increases webinar registrations by 32%.

Customer Experience

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How Quantum Metric reinvented employee recognition and won over 96% of employees.

How BetterCloud uses Sendoso to increase direct mail’s closed-won influence by 529%.

A Partner Engagement, Pipeline Generation, and Customer Advocacy Engine.

How Rapid7 generates new opportunities using Sendoso.

Remote Recipients

PubNub Charity Choice

How PubNub's Charity eGifts improve their webinar strategy by 32%

How Snapdocs uses Address Confirmation to engage with c-suite decision-makers.

How Sendoso enables MX to bring $4M in dark deals back to life during COVID-19.

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How Rapid7 generates new opportunities using Sendoso.

Sendoso allows us to cut through all of the SaaS noise.

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See how leading B2B companies use Sendoso to fuel revenue

We’ve seen response rates and success with Sendoso like no other form of outreach.

Peter Tarrant, Account Based Marketer, Tipalti

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