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Updates that make a world of difference

Our new updates make sending simpler than ever—whether that’s stateside or the other side of the globe. We’re excited to announce that we’re now connecting you to even more countries around the world through our new EU Fulfilment Centre in Dublin. As always, you’ll have premium curated gifts, proven data, and dedicated teams to guide your next sending strategy. Let us help close the distance with customers so that you can close business deals faster.

This time it’s personal.

From more customization options to a new user interface, our latest release is all about you.


Connect with custom messages

No more standard text—we now offer complete control of gift email personalization. Speak to your customers directly with bespoke messaging and drive engagement.

One-stop shopping

We’ve streamlined our marketplace experience so picking products from one of our premium partners is quick and intuitive—and all contained within the Sendoso platform.

Sending made simple

Integrated logistics ensure gifts are sent to the right person at the right time—in the US, Europe, or any faraway place Sendoso delivers.

We feel incredibly well-supported with Sendoso as our global platform to execute all our sending strategies. From logistics to support, the level of customer service has been unmatched.

Gianna Saal

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, S-EMEA, Tealium


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