What’s New
with Sendoso

Here at Sendoso, we’re always innovating! Check out some of our favorite features introduced in the last 90 days.



Address Confirmation

Everyone’s working from home, but you can still re-create impactful in-person experiences from a distance! Set yourself apart from competitors, accelerate pipeline, and close more deals with food items, branded swag, or anything from Amazon.

With our new Address Confirmation feature, you can feel confident packages will land in the hands of your recipients because you can request that they confirm or change the address of wherever they’re currently working. What’s more, you can automatically cancel the send if no action is taken to conserve tight budgets.


Sendoso Choice

Build a closer connection with prospects and customers by demonstrating you’re in tune with their interests! Send multiple eGift options that reflect recent conversations you’ve had or demonstrate you’re reading their LinkedIn posts.

With our new Sendoso Choice feature, you can curate personalized bundles of 2-4 eGifts from various categories and let your recipients choose their favorite. Your sales team can send Sendoso Choice eGifts directly to prospects from the Sendoso app or Chrome extension, while your marketing team can automate sending via Marketo.


Charity Choice

Give the gift of giving back! Offer your recipients the option to donate to those in need with Charity Choice eGifts. Charity Choice partners include organizations caring for those impacted by COVID-19, including American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, and United Way.

With our new Charity Choice button on the ‘touch creation’ page, you can set up Charity Choice eGifts touches easier than ever before. Once sent, your recipients can choose to donate the eGift amount chosen by you to a great cause—a win/win for you both.

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