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When budgets are constrained, channels are limited, or in-person isn’t possible, you should be doubling down on winning strategies. Sendoso is a proven way to drive pipeline and revenue. Invest in sending and invest in your own revenue success.

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ROI impact metrics based on average increases in lead conversion rates seen by our more than 600 customers.

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“We typically have a 6-18 month sales cycle. When Sendoso is put into play we see a much shorter sales cycle.”

Katie Dunn

Demand Generation Marketing Manager

“By using Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature, we saw an 84% response rate and ensured our prospects received packages wherever they were currently working.”

Mike Philippi

Head of Marketing

“Sendoso has become an essential ingredient of our pipeline-building strategy and overall success as a company.”

Stephanie Kelly

Senior Director, Marketing & Account Development

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Sendoso is a consistent top performing channel

For Every $1 Spent with Sendoso, Cornerstone Gets $4K in Pipeline

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How Anaplan pivoted from a 1:1 direct mail strategy to a multitouch campaign to grow pipeline.


This defines the rate at which you convert net new leads into opportunities, and the percentage is calculated based off of the (# of opportunities created from leads) / (Total leads driven in a given timeframe). The average lead to opportunity rate we see is 20%.

Similar to the lead to opportunity rate, the close rate defines the ratio of closed won opportunities divided by the total number of opportunities worked. A good average to use here is 15%.

ACV is “annual contract value,” and for this ROI calculator we are asking you to provide the average ACV of your customers.

We calculate the increase in opportunities as the different between the opportunities generated from the imputed funnel metrics compared to the funnel metrics after the Sendoso effect*.

The Sendoso effect* is defined by the average increase in the lead to opportunity rate that we see in our customers after they onboard Sendoso.

Booked revenue is the entire amount of the contract value, attributed to the month during which the deal closed. If you have an average ACV of $20k, and you drive an increase in 1 opportunities month over month, then you have increased “booked revenue” by $20k in that given month.

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