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The Sendoso and XANT integration allows you to:

  • Send Sendoso Touches directly from XANT Playbooks to individual people
  • Allow visibility into sends from XANT in Salesforce (if the SFDC integration is set up)
  • Never leave your Playbooks workflow to send personalized gifts, both physical and digital

Send directly from Playmaker

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Seamless and easy integration setup within your XANT application

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Ways to Use the Integration

Initiate meaningful conversations. SDRs, BDRs, and AEs can cut through the digital noise to make a memorable first impression by sending personalized gifts, branded swag, eGifts and more.

Increase demo attendance. The day of the scheduled demo, send coffee or lunch eGifts to encourage attendance.

Nurture relationships and close deals. Enhance relationships and help close deals faster by sending a personalized gift that speaks directly to the customer.

Decrease sales cycle lengths. After the demo takes place, send a “sweet to meet you” bundle to keep the conversation going and continue to stay top of mind.

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