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The Sendoso and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration allows you to:

  • Trigger a send in Sendoso when a new Microsoft Dynamics event occurs, such as a prospect from a target account booking a meeting
  • Receive alerts for shipped/delivered gifts
  • Receive alerts for sent or redeemed eGifts
  • Sync Sendoso send analytics data with any Microsoft Dynamics object

See Sendoso activity in Microsoft Dynamics

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Trigger sends in Sendoso based upon an event in Microsoft Dynamics

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Send analytics to Microsoft Dynamics

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Drive business with the Microsoft Dynamics integration

Close more deals. Every minute is valuable so help your sales team be more effective with automated sending. Add triggered sends based on sales stage and give your sales team more time in their day.

Engage like a pro. Set up email alerts whenever your prospect receives their gift. The right follow up at the right time continues your personalized touch all through the customer journey.

Encourage event attendance. Send a little piece of branded swag to attendees before your virtual or in-person event and watch your attendance numbers soar.

Powerful campaign metrics. All data between Microsoft Dynamics and Sendoso is automatically synced, so you’ll always have clear insights into your sending analytics.

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