The Sendoso and HubSpot integration allows you to:

  • Automate sending based on any HubSpot criteria.
  • View your send’s status, sent, delivered, etc., within your HubSpot activity feed.
  • Measure ROI on all your Sendoso campaigns through HubSpot CRM (or Salesforce) to track send success.
  • Keep your sales team aligned by leveraging email alerts and updates on Sendoso sends.

Ways to Use the Integration

Create engaging marketing at scale. Increase your Cadence response rate by adding personalized direct mail to your outbound efforts. Follow-up with prospects as soon as their Sendoso is delivered to increase booked demo rates.

Trigger sends after a virtual event. Everyone’s remote, but you can still create the in-person feel of a conference by sending swag! When a contact attendees an event, automatically send out a bundle of your branded swag to create a memorable experience.

Decrease sales cycle lengths. After a demo takes place, follow-up directly from HubSpot with a succulent saying “looking forward to watching our relationship grow” to keep the conversation going and stay top of mind.

Align your Sales and Marketing team. View all Sending activities within your HubSpot instance on the contact level for clear visibility between both teams, always ensuring prompt follow-up.

Get started with Sendoso and HubSpot

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