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March 23, 2021

Our Customers Made Us the #1 Sending Platform in Account-Based Execution on G2

By Meira McFarquhar

This post is brought to you by Sendoso Content Marketing Manager Meira McFarquhar.

The results are in! G2’s Spring 2021 Grid Report was released today, and our customers have once again named us a leader in Account-Based Execution. We’re both thrilled and humbled to be the leading Sending Platform in the Account-Based Execution category for another quarter, and as more and more software tools emerge in the Account-Based space, we’re validated by our customers’ need and the market’s need for solutions that effectively build meaningful connections, boost virtual event attendance, secure retention, and ultimately drive revenue.

This Spring 2021 report marks the twelfth consecutive quarter that we’ve been named a G2 leader, plus we’ve maintained leadership in the categories of Account-Based Direct Mail (a sub-category of Account-Based Execution), Direct Mail Automation, and Promotional Product Management. Sendoso’s consistent position in these areas demonstrates that Sending Platforms are essential for mid-market and enterprise-level companies executing successful account-based everything (ABX) strategies.

G2 Grid® for Account-Based Direct Mail:

G2 Grid® for Direct Mail Automation:

In addition to our continued product innovation and expanding integrations, there’s one factor that (according to our customers) truly sets us apart from the competition: our customer support and experience.

Although there are other solutions in the Sending Platform arena that can help you send items, we take great pride in the overwhelming endorsement of our customer experience straight from the source, which is what ultimately fuels our success.

Plus, out of over 58,000+ software companies reviewed on G2, we’re honored to be recommended so highly by our customers—92% of whom would be likely to recommend Sendoso, and 98% rating us four or five stars.

According to G2’s data and our customer reviews, here are some of the reasons why:

From our quick customer support and response time…

Given the current climate, everyone is looking for unique ways to surprise and delight their contacts – Sendoso is the answer! From a user POV, I’d also like to point out that their support team is top-notch—very quick to come to the table with solutions and the platform is very easy to use. We are using Sendoso to touch our partners, prospects, and customers with a unique ABM strategy, which has been a nice way to get back in touch with customers and connect in a virtual world. Joanne C.

Customer support is very responsive and always solves what I’m looking for. Also, of major concern to us during this period of WFH was sending potentially perishable items to empty offices, but the address confirmation options seems to work really well! Having Sendoso really empowers our BDRs to send the right personalized touches at the right time to have meetings with the right people. We’ve also used Sendoso as the cornerstone of some of our virtual events and to supplement our virtual trade show strategy. Zoey M.

It’s always nice to surprise and delight your customers and prospects. With Sendoso, it makes sending direct mail easy and streamlined. Additionally, the integration into our CRM is helpful to track and understand who has received what, when, and follow up with that individual more personally. Lastly, it’s been really helpful to leverage direct mail at meaningful touchpoints within the customer journey (new contract, anniversary, launch, renewal, etc). To boot, their project management and support teams are very responsive and helpful. Colette C.

…to our creative Send Curators…

The big plus, and what really makes Sendoso a valuable partner, is the project management and customer success teams. I’m always able to get help with setup and potential issues. They have helped me execute ambitious ideas, and they have saved me dozens of hours per project. They also will warehouse items for you. Cody D.

Our team has always sent out annual customer gifts around the holidays. Prior to Sendoso, the process was grueling and expensive since we had to pay our swag vendor extra to drop-ship and coordinate all the logistics. The Sendoso software (and our Sendoso project manager—get one) have solved that challenge and made our sending processes a breeze. Hannah S.

I love the support team. They always have great ideas for campaigns. I also like the product roadmap. Thomas G.

…to our all-star Customer Success Managers…

Our CSM team has been fantastic—super helpful and prescriptive when we come to them with minor ideas. They’ve helped us build out custom bulk sends as well as suggested awesome one-off gifts. Going from doing everything ourselves, working with Sendoso has saved us countless hours and sanity! Alyssa D.

From integration start-up on day one you are assigned a representative that you can interact with at any time. They are all equally knowledgeable or will at least point you in the right direction. They also work to create custom solutions through some small-time web development to create what you need. The customer service is hands-down the best for any comparative software. You will get all the support you need to get going. This is an excellent platform to give your campaigns a ‘wow’ factor. Ryan D.

…we’re dedicated to continuing the work our customers praise us for most, which is providing an end-to-end, personalized customer experience they can’t find anywhere else.

We take our 93% satisfaction rating for quality of support seriously. We’re continually rated at the top of our categories by the voice of our customers, which means we’re consistently delivering value for them—and we’re committed to staying that way.

Thank you to our customers for once again making us a leader. Check out more Sendoso reviews on our G2 page.

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