August 26, 2020

What is a Sending Platform?

By Meira McFarquhar

We’re now in month 6 of social distancing, and our “new” normal isn’t so new anymore. As we near the end of Q3 2020, your company or business has likely had to adapt their go-to market strategies more than once to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

But has your tech stack been able to keep up too?

If a Sending Platform isn’t already the most important tool in your tech stack, it will be soon. With events cancelled and business travel on hold, teams have very few options to get in front of their customers and prospects yet still have to still create meaningful personal relationships.

Sending direct mail, gifts, and swag have always been powerful ways to engage people, and research from our 2020 State of Sending shows that:

  • 73% of senders said they’ve experienced increased opportunity creation from sending. 
  • 27% of senders said they’ve experienced increased close rates from sending.
  • 64% of senders said they’ve experienced increased campaign ROI from sending.

But while the practice of sending direct mail, corporate gifts, and branded swag have been around for ages, in order for your go-to-market strategy to be successful, you have to go beyond relying on one-to-many direct mail sends alone, using a corporate gifting tool by itself, or only sending swag. If you’re using just one method, you can’t create that individual level of personalization at scale, you’re unlikely to stand out with interested prospects and customers, and you’ll have little opportunity for any timely follow-up.

As a result, Sending Platforms have risen in popularity in recent years as more companies are discovering it’s incredibly efficient to utilize an all-in-one platform that ties together direct mail, corporate gifting, swag management, personalization plus handles the moving parts of sourcing shipping, tracking, and measuring ROI—all with the click of a button.

So What Exactly Is a Sending Platform?

A Sending Platform™ is a SaaS solution that integrates into your existing tech stack so your sales, marketing, CX and more can deliver Physical Impressions™ at strategic points throughout the customer lifecycle and measure the ROI for anything that was sent. 

The power behind a Sending Platform comes from the fully automated fulfillment and logistics service that assures quality, on-time delivery. In the past, organizations have relied on different pieces of software like direct mail automation, corporate gifting software, and swag management platforms to automate varying parts of the sending processSending Platforms make this possible.

Our brand new Sending Platform Buyer’s Guide explains what Sending Platforms are, how they work, why you need one, and, most importantly, how to evaluate and buy one so you can start making new meaningful connections, one send at a time. Click here to download the full report.

What Can Sending Platforms Do?

A Sending Platform enables your teams to make Physical Impressions™, which are any experience or tangible item that you can interact with offline. You can use these Physical Impressions to make lasting impressions and forge deeper relationships with prospects, customers, employees, and more. Some examples of Physical Impressions™ include a piece of collateral or swag item, branded cupcakes sent to your home using Address Confirmation, or an eGift card you redeemed for a cup of coffee.

Sending Platforms should have all of the following capabilities:

Who is a Sending Platform For?

The greatest thing about Sending Platforms is the scalability across all teams of an organization. Quality Sending Platforms have the ability to scale across multiple teams and departments. You should be able to control the amount of dollars spent by creating teams and assigning unique budgets for each department. The platform should also provide monthly sending allowances that expire, ones that roll over at the end of the month, or give you the option to set one-time budgets and refill them whenever needed.

How Do I Choose the Right Sending Platform for My Team?

When it comes to purchasing Sending Platforms, selecting the wrong product for you and your team could be a very costly mistake. No two companies will have the exact same needs when it comes to a Sending Platform, just like each Sending Platform functions a bit differently. You’ll want to take your time, and evaluate the capabilities and cost of all your options to make sure you’re choosing the perfect platform for you.

Download our brand new Sending Platform Buyer’s Guide for all the tools you need to evaluate and make a well-researched, educated decision on the right Sending Platform. 

See how companies generate over 200% ROI on new revenue with the leading sending platform.

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