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A marketing leader's kit for sending success

Build deeper relationships, deliver brand affinity, and cultivate customer engagement with strategic direct mailing. Let’s uncover all the ways marketing leaders can use personalized gifting to enable their teams to succeed.

Deliver impact with gifting

Inspire human connections and deliver impact with an entirely new marketing experience. Discover how to engage your team, customers, and prospects with sending.


Send and Deliver An Entirely New Marketing Experience

Connect and create real connections using direct mail and corporate gifting in this new marketing experience.


Strategic ABM Gifting to Engage The Enterprise

The best ways to leverage enterprise-level gifting to build stronger relationships with the accounts that matter.


The Missing Piece of Account-based Marketing

Stand above the digital noise and take your ABM campaigns to the next level. Learn how to engage with gifting.

I fundamentally believe in direct mail as a marketing tool. I think sending platforms are probably one of the most critical technologies in my tech stack.

Andrea Kayal

Chief Marketing Officer at Electric

Conversations with leaders

Featured Video Series: Top marketing minds reveal how a Sending Management Platform helps their teams leave a lasting impact with customers and prospects.


Secret to Sales and Marketing Alignment

How do you get two powerful teams to align and increase revenue? Top marketing leaders discuss the secret to sales and marketing alignment.


Save Time and Money With Swag In the Cloud

Marketing leaders reveal the challenges of swag closets and the benefits of having a Sending Management Platform do it all for them.


Meaningful Ways to Deliver Personalization

Leaders discuss why adding a personal touch to your sales and marketing strategies helps you build long-lasting connections.

HighRadius saw a 20% increase in pipeline using Sendoso

The fintech company cut marketing workloads in half by incentivizing meetings.

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Gain insight from thought leaders

Leaders share their insights on the changing trends of marketing, team alignment, and where they believe swag is going. And no, it’s not in the closet.


7 Marketing Trends You Need to Implement

Showcasing the latest marketing trends that will become essential for success this year.


Secrets to Sales and Marketing Alignment

How marketing leaders are using a gifting platform to achieve sales and marketing alignment.


Moving Beyond the Swag Closet

Save time and budget by moving to the corporate “swag closet in the cloud.”

Boulevard pampers prospects: Campaign totals 4X ROI

The company expanded their Sendoso gifting strategies to drive more pipeline, open opportunities, and close contracts.
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Develop deeper connections and achieve ROI

Stand above the digital noise! Give your sales and marketing teams the tools they need to succeed. Use a Sending Management Platform to help close deals.


4 Secrets to Build Deeper Customer Connections

Get personal with a physical send, direct mail gift or letter, and provide long-lasting, memorable experiences in customers’ minds.


Deliver Measureable Impact With a Gifting Strategy

A look into an omnichannel marketing strategy – one that delivers a ROI but also builds deeper connections.


How to Fix Your ROI and Still Deliver At Any Tme

Direct mail is a powerful tool to connect meaningfully with customers. Here’s how you can deliver during challenging times.

See how leading B2B companies use Sendoso to fuel revenue