September 7, 2021

20 Thoughtfully Curated Client Gift Boxes that Say Thanks

By Sendoso
Modern gifting requires more than just a coffee mug. Create memorable experiences and a lasting impression with these 20 client gift boxes that say thanks.

What is the best gift for clients?

The best client gifts are not always the most expensive options. They are the ones with personal touches that make your customers feel seen. People love to receive custom order gifts because it shows that time and thought went into the process.

You can tailor corporate gift boxes in several ways:

  • Curate custom gifts specific to the customer’s job position
  • Design a gift basket with the client’s brand or company logo included
  • Send items that reflect a knowledge of your customer’s interests or hobbies

How much should you spend on client gifts?

There is no firm rule on how much to spend on customer appreciation gifts. It’s a fine line to walk, making sure you don’t go overboard with a lavish gift while also avoiding being too thrifty. Answering these quick questions is a great way to determine an appropriate budget for your clients’ gifts:

  • What is the value of the relationship?
  • What position does the client hold in the company?
  • What rules are in place at the customer’s company?
  • How many gifts are you planning to give?
  • What is the company’s privacy policy?

Start by identifying your most important customers and consider how their role will make a difference in which “tier” of gifting they fall into. For example, to make a lasting impression on business executives and your high-value clients plan to spend $100 or more on a high-quality gift. 

Next, think about how often you plan to send appreciation gifts. Will they be for attendees of a one-time event, or for employee birthdays, Mothers Day, and regular customer appreciation? Doing quarterly “touches” may be ideal, but if you can’t afford to do it right with truly meaningful gifts then consider scaling back. Focus on sending a few impactful gifts rather than several forgettable ones.

What is a curated gift box?

Putting together the perfect gift for clients takes research, time, and effort. A curated gift box is a theme collection of pre-selected and sometimes customizable items that have been hand-picked by gifting experts. It’s an effective way to elevate business gifts and holiday gifts for corporate clients.

What are the benefits of purchasing curated corporate gift baskets from Sendoso?

  • Experts take care of the planning and preparation for each unique gift box
  • You can choose a box to match your target customer
  • The selection of products included is top-notch
  • You can send an impressive gift that communicates your brand vision
  • The box styling is aesthetically impressive
  • Guaranteed product quality control
  • Upon payment, you can expect on-time fulfillment shipping and delivery
  • Can be used for virtual events, the holiday season, or any special occasion
  • Can be sent to clients anywhere in the world

20 Thoughtfully Curated Client Gift Boxes that Say Thanks

1. The Peace & Quiet Gift Box

Sendoso Partner: Botanical Candle Co.

Description: Know a customer service department that deserves some rest and recuperation? This care package will be just what they need! Handmade in the UK, this box includes a luxury Quietude candle and a bottle of 100 Acres Lavender & Rose bubble bath.

2. 10 Piece Chocolate Bonbon Gift Box

Sendoso Partner: The Cheeky Project

Description: Customers with a sweet tooth will find these gourmet chocolates irresistible. This award-winning assortment of artisan-filled chocolate cups is perfect for celebrating a customer’s wedding or a client on Mother’s day.

3. 27 Brownies & Cookies

Sendoso Partner: Sweet Flour Bake Shop

Description: Looking for a gift box that the entire real estate agents team can enjoy? This decadent collection is sure to bring pleasure to the office! This also makes a great holiday gift basket.

4. Journaling Letterbox Gift

Sendoso Partner: Social Stories Club

Description: This unique stationery gift set supports several social causes and will make a thoughtful addition to any home office. New products such as an A5 journal, twin-pack tea, and sea salt caramel chocolate bar are included. Information about the service projects this purchase supports is also included.

5. Succulent w/ Branded Box Label

Sendoso Partner: Lula’s Garden

Description: Add a personal touch in the form of customization of this on-trend succulent gift. New clients and remote employees feel extra special when they see their names on the container. A personalized card completes this stylish package.

6. Family-Approved Snack Box

Sendoso Partner: SnackMagic

Description: For anyone with a little tribe at home, this package will be a delight to share. Made in the US, it includes nostalgic items and fan-favorites like gourmet cookies that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy.

7. Welcome Baby Gift Box

Sendoso Partner: Knack Shops

Description:Want to celebrate a client who is welcoming a new baby? This box is perfect! It’s all in the details, with thoughtful products for both parent and baby.

8. BBQ Sauce Box

Sendoso Partner: The Sauce Shop 

Description: Heat things up a notch with this fun and flavorful client gift box. Grilling out and relaxing is a great way to enjoy this unique gift with friends after work.

9. Gin & Chocolate Letterbox

Sendoso Partner: Love Cocoa

Description: Seeking a gift with a stylish presentation? This letterbox is sure to impress others. It’s a luxury treat that Includes delicious English Mint chocolate and best-selling Maldon sea salt dark chocolate.

10. Golf Enthusiast Box

Sendoso Partner: A Gentleman’s Trove

Description: Have some corporations on your gift list that love networking over a round of golf? They’ll love this box. Stocked with favorite golfing essentials, it even comes with argyle socks!

11. Handmade With Love Gift Box

Sendoso Partner: Curated for Equality

Description: Customers love to receive a gift that matters. Support a woman-owned Black business when you purchase this curated box of luxury products. Help your coworker take great care of themselves with this custom gift box complete with a ribbon and bow.

12 The Coffee Box

Sendoso Partner: Gyfting

Description: Plan a gift to impress at your upcoming virtual conferences, meeting, or holiday event. This gift box is every coffee lover’s dream, complete with coffee (of course!) snackable Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, and an energizing Coffee Candle. Complete the package with a handwritten note!

13. Rosé Gift Box

Sendoso Partner: The Sip

Description: When you want to send a gift with fun and flair, this vibrant pink gift box is the way to go. These modern gift boxes help staff experience relaxation and unwind after the completion of a big project or sales pitch.

14. Present Day Culinary Box

Sendoso Partner: Giftogram

Description: One of the best unique gourmet food ideas out there, this box is sure to delight any foodie customer. Complete with savory and flavorful sauces, clients can put it to use immediately in their own kitchens.

15. Celebration Box

Sendoso Partner: KHYVA

Description: When congratulations are in order, send the best! This top-tier bubbly will delight corporate customers. Cheers to a bright future partnership.

16. Vegan Box

Sendoso Partner: Healthy Nibbles

Description: This gift box is exactly what you need for your clients with dietary restrictions. They’ll recognize your thoughtfulness, and will be ecstatic to see that every sweet and savory snack is one that they can enjoy!

17. High Tea Box

Sendoso Partner: Le Chic Boxx

Description: Tea lovers will rejoice when they receive this stunningly packaged tea set. Make them feel like a royal with the very best for their afternoon tea.

18. Rise & Shine Gift Box

Sendoso Partner: Birdytell

Description: For the customers who are working for the weekend, this gourmet breakfast box will be an amazing treat. Stocked with pancake mix, prickly pear jam, and syrup, there’s enough for the whole family to enjoy.

19. 6 Pack Cocktail Box

Sendoso Partner: Nio Cocktails

Description: This round is on you! Send party vibes with this great gift box that includes: Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Tommy’s Margarita, Gimlet, and Manhattan.

20. The Buddy Box

Sendoso Partner: Gyfting

Description: Have a customer who is always talking about their fur baby? Give the gift of treats and toys for your client and their most loyal companion! The small-batch oven-baked dog treats, durable squeaky taco, aloe scented wipes, and bouncy red ball are sure to please.

How curated gift boxes help retention with ongoing clients

Every company has a long list of businesses that they partner with and they receive new pitches every day. To retain ongoing clients it’s important to stay top-of-mind. Customers stay loyal to companies that they feel they have a personal relationship with. Sending thoughtful corporate gifts to your team communicates your gratitude for their patronage and your commitment to an ongoing work partnership.

How gift-giving can increase your ROI

Every action and decision you make in your business is tied to a goal. One desired outcome of showing customer appreciation is to build stronger connections and relationships, and at its core, the goal here is increasing ROI. 

While your business is always striving from the next milestone, remember to set realistic expectations. ROI doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to see true results from your investment in a client appreciation campaign. Here are some of the ways genuine corporate gift-giving can increase your ROI this year:

  • A bigger customer base
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Positive perception of your brand
  • Increase in client retention
  • Increase in referrals
  • Boost in sales

Finally, there are intangible ROI benefits such as increased trust and customer loyalty that are difficult to measure but are certainly tied to successful customer appreciation.

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