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529% Increase in Revenue Influenced by Direct Mail

How BetterCloud uses Sendoso to incentivize engagement and generate revenue.

With BetterCloud Demand Generation Manager,

Joey Kaiser


BetterCloud needed to scale gifting touchpoints with prospects and nurture relationships with its growing SaaSOps community.


Partnering with Sendoso enabled BetterCloud to operationalize their direct mail strategy and create an engaging customer community.

92% increase

pipeline influenced by direct mail with Sendoso

529% increase

in revenue influenced by direct mail with Sendoso

BetterCloud is a SaaSOps platform that enables IT teams to discover, manage and secure all SaaS applications.


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“Sendoso aligns with our company values.”

BetterCloud helps IT teams with their SaaS Operations—the practice of managing and securing the many SaaS applications used across an organization. Since its founding in 2011, gifting has been a major part of BetterCloud’s brand DNA. “Sending swag to our customers has always been important to our company. They’ve been collecting our custom hoodies, mugs, and other swag for years,” explained Joey Kaiser, demand generation manager at BetterCloud.

At first, Joey’s team handled packaging, shipping, and tracking manually. He remembers preparing one particularly large campaign: “I manually packed a dolly with boxes and took ten trips back and forth to UPS in the middle of Manhattan.” That’s when Joey decided to bring on Sendoso as a partner and today the company is one of Sendoso’s top 50 senders.

We have very close relationships with our customers. ‘Strive to Delight’ and ‘In This Together’ are two of our company values, and Sendoso helps us live those values with our customers and be on the journey with them.

“My goal has been to expand Sendoso across the entire prospect and customer lifecycle.”

BetterCloud uses Sendoso for a variety of campaigns throughout the marketing and sales process to reach and engage with its targeted accounts.

Building off a sending playbook Joey developed, BetterCloud’s SDRs send coffee eGifts and branded hoodies to confirm meetings, while AEs use Doordash eGifts to incentivize additional conversations. For MQLs who have shown interest but haven’t set up a meeting, Joey encourages SDRs to send a personalized gift and note utilizing Sendoso’s Amazon integration and handwriting team. “We’ve done about ten of these one-off Amazon campaigns and have seen a really positive reply rate,” said Joey.

Gifting at scale through Sendoso has helped us build a community around SaaSOps.

BetterCloud also brings customers into the SaaSOps community through their welcome kit campaign. When a new customer signs, they’re sent a package with a custom branded shirt, tote, chapstick, and a physical copy of BetterCloud CEO David Politis’ books, The IT Leader’s Guide to SaaSOps Volumes 1 & 2. “They’re getting an introduction to BetterCloud both from a swag perspective and from a thought leadership perspective,” said Joey.

Because BetterCloud’s product is highly technical, onboarding services are critical to long-term account retention. The customer experience team uses Sendoso to send a $25 coffee gift card and hoodie to customers who complete their required onboarding hours. “Our onboarding program is an important foundation for long-term customer success, and Sendoso helps us ensure customers complete it,” said Joey.

Getting new customers to complete our onboarding is strategically important. Anything we can do to incentivize them to complete the training is good for our business.

When customers achieve company milestones like an IPO or a SOX compliance audit, CSMs send a eGift or customized BetterCloud socks (a pun on SOX) to congratulate them. As a thank you for customers participation in a reference call or case study, the success team will send branded swag or a box of cookies. They also send seasonal packages that target accounts that are up for renewal that quarter.

Giving back to the community

Recently, Joey’s team also launched a community platform for the company’s customers, which has brought the company and its customers closer together. When a customer lost his house in a fire, the team sent him a personal note with a movie night swag package for his family. Though a small gift, the gesture meant a lot. Joey explained: “Sendoso allows us to be as thoughtful as we can be when we can’t actually visit our customers in person.”

At BetterCloud’s annual event, Altitude, customers also were honored publicly for their contributions to the community. While all 1500 attendees were sent a swag package with a shirt, stickers, and socks, community members were recognized through an awards ceremony and gifted $200 Amazon eGift cards.

A vision for fully operationalized, automated sending

Looking back at overall sending campaigns, Joey sees some promising growth from BetterCloud’s work with Sendoso: One year after adopting Sendoso, they saw a 92% increase in direct mail’s pipeline influence and a 529% increase in direct mail’s closed-won influence.

Looking ahead, Joey will continue to scale BetterCloud’s sending strategy while taking advantage of Sendodo’s automation capabilities—including rolling out self-serve gifting workflows for their sales reps. “Our goals moving forward are to keep operationalizing and automating Sendoso in Salesforce,” he said. As their direct mail strategy continues to drive ROI, Joey and his team will closely monitor results and double down on the most successful touchpoints.

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Pipeline Influenced (Direct Mail, YoY)

92% Increase

Closed-Won Influence (Direct Mail, YoY)

529% Increase

Teams from marketing to sales to customer success have adopted Sendoso to improve webinar attendance, boost meeting rates, accelerate pipeline, send a ‘thank you’, and celebrate milestones. Our people and culture team are even using Sendoso internally to welcome incoming employees to BetterCloud.

Joey Kaiser

BetterCloud Demand Generation Manager

Learn how, like BetterCloud, you can use Sendoso to build a user community and generate pipeline and revenue.

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