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The Sendoso and Amazon integration allows you to:

  • Send a gift directly through Amazon
  • Track the status of your Amazon Send in your CRM
  • Amazon Sends are shipped to our warehouse to be packaged with your branding
  • Allow personalized sends at scale and monitor budget

Connect directly to Salesforce

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Send directly from the Amazon website

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Send handwritten notes with your Send

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Ways to Use the Integration

Connecting, not contacting. Seamlessly send your prospect or customer a unique gift to them based on your 1:1 conversation. Did they mention they just moved? Send them a house warming gift directly from Amazon!
Control your brand experience. All items purchased through the Sendoso + Amazon integration are shipped to our warehouse to be carefully repackaged to your brand specifications with an optional handwritten note. Orders will turn around and be sent back out within 24 hours of Amazon item delivery to our warehouse.

Never lose track of a send. All Sends sent through the Sendoso + Amazon integration are logged as activities within your CRM, ensuring prompt follow-up and clear ROI tracking.

Control and monitor budget. No more buying random items from Amazon and hoping for correct expense reports. Control your team’s budget while giving them the freedom to personalize.

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