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Accelerating Each Stage of the Customer Journey with Sendoso

OneLogin built a holistic sending strategy to create additional outreach touchpoints from leadgen to closed-won.

With Customer Marketing Manager,

Larisa Sandu


OneLogin needed a way to add personalized touchpoints to their marketing, sales, and customer success outreach.


OneLogin partnered with Sendoso to create a holistic direct mail strategy across multiple teams and departments to enhance each stage of the prospect and customer journey.


from a closed lost re-engagement campaign


from an opportunity acceleration campaign

OneLogin builds secure, scalable, and smart identities for employees and customers.


San Francisco, CA



Company Size

201-500 employees



Enterprise IT

A full-funnel approach to sending

OneLogin is the identity platform for secure, scalable and smart experiences that connect people to technology. With the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, companies can connect all of their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly.

In 2019, OneLogin implemented Sendoso to enable their SDRs to send surprise and delight gifts in their outbound campaigns. Since then, Sendoso has enabled the team to create a cohesive strategy that bolsters each stage of the customer journey—from lead generation to dialogue creation to renewals, upsells and advocacy.

Personalizing product launches

On the marketing side, OneLogin uses Sendoso to encourage product engagement and help bring awareness during large product launches by sending thought leadership printouts and themed gifts to prospects and customers. Both of these are accompanied by a handwritten note to give the gifts a personalized touch. Around the holidays, OneLogin’s marketing team sends themed gift baskets to get on the radar of the top 10% of their prospects and customers.

Making the most of virtual events

When companies transitioned to remote work, the OneLogin team found that their target audience of IT decision-makers faced new challenges in securing work applications in home environments. The field marketing team shifted their strategy to focus on virtual events, sponsored content, webinars and eGifts to highlight how OneLogin’s technology can enable working from home. They sent pre-event eGifts to drive registration and attendance, and also used eGifts in post-event to keep conversations going with target prospects.

In June, OneLogin hosted their Virtual Summit and live happy hour featuring a celebrity bartender teaching attendees how to make a specialty cocktail. The team used Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature to send Cocktail Courier kits to registered prospects and customers so they could make their own cocktails during the event.

Thank you for registering for OneLogin’s Virtual Forum on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Redeem your special gift by June 10 and mix up some delicious cocktails with us during our live Happy Hour featuring Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue!

“The idea behind this campaign was to say to our top prospects, ‘Look, we can’t meet face-to-face, and I can’t go to a bar and buy you a drink, so here’s a way for us to spend quality time together,’” said Joanna Zerga, enterprise field marketing manager at OneLogin.

As a result, they saw an 82% Address Confirmation response rate, with 87 top prospects and customers in attendance. Because the happy hour was a hit, and the OneLogin team is now replicating it for two more virtual happy hours in the coming months, as well as at their user conference in October.

Driving sales and business development

On the sales side, OneLogin SDRs send a combination of physical and digital gifts for prospecting and outbound campaigns. The AEs also use direct mail to accelerate opportunities by nominating top accounts and sending approved gifts through Sendoso. Every touch has a Salesforce campaign, and the team leverages Sendoso’s integrations with Salesforce and Outreach.

The OneLogin sales team also leverages direct mail in their business development strategy. They recently gave their partnerships team access to Sendoso to send gifts to channel partners that incentivize referrals and help close deals faster.

Welcoming new customers and building advocacy

Once a deal is closed, new OneLogin customers receive a welcome package featuring a branded wooden engraved box, an RTIC mug, and a foldable frisbee — all wrapped in OneLogin-branded packaging and accompanied by a handwritten note.

OneLogin’s customer marketing team implemented “milestone gifts,” similar to the welcome packages, to celebrate anniversaries and engage customers ahead of renewals. The OneLogin account management team was also enabled and empowered to send gifts to their respective customers; specifically accounts that are up for renewals or upsells. A few successful examples of such gifts are Uber Eats eGift cards for a “dinner with your family on us” or a succulent plant for “your new work-from-home desk.”

Finally, Larisa sends ad hoc “surprise and delight” gifts like plants, gift baskets, or eGifts to thank customers who participate in a OneLogin case study, blog post, or virtual event.

Larisa also uses Sendoso to send eGifts to customers who attend Customer Advisory Board meetings as a token of appreciation, which drives engagement and cultivates a sense of community among OneLogin customers.

When we asked Larisa about what she has planned next she said, “We’re excited and optimistic about the benefits that are to come, specifically regarding up-sell, cross-sell and renewals.”

Building a holistic direct mail strategy

Notable campaign results to date? The team obtained a 22X ROI from a closed lost re-engagement campaign and a 21X ROI from an opportunity acceleration campaign.

Looking ahead, the OneLogin marketing team plans to automate more direct mail activities by integrating with Marketo. They also have several ABM campaigns in the works to accelerate opportunities and re-engage stalled deals, such as a multi-touch, high-value direct mail campaign that delivers a champagne bottle followed by a set of champagne glasses to ‘wow!’ top prospects.

By building a holistic direct mail strategy across multiple teams and departments, OneLogin leverages Sendoso to enhance every stage of the customer journey.

Campaign Details

Teams Using Sendoso

Marketing (Events, ABM, Integrated Campaigns, Customer Marketing)
Customer Success

Integrations Used



Closed Lost Re-Engagement Campaign ROI


Opportunity Acceleration Campaign ROI


We want to make sure our customers feel appreciated so they continue to be customers for as long as possible.

Larisa Sandu

Customer Marketing Manager

Learn how, like OneLogin, you can use Sendoso to bolster outreach throughout the customer journey.

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