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20% Increase in Pipeline Influenced

How ForgeRock increased influenced pipeline through personalized sends with Sendoso.

With ForgeRock Senior Field Marketing Managers

Hannah Sierra and Lauren Wilcox


ForgeRock needed a sophisticated and unexpected way to virtually engage with C-level prospects at large enterprise companies.


Through Sendoso, ForgeRock was able to run unique, personalized campaigns at scale, increasing meetings-set rate and contributing to pipeline influence.

98% attendance rate

In Good Taste events

65% meetings-set rate

following the “Holiday Treat” campaign

20% Increase

in influenced pipeline

ForgeRock is a modern digital identity platform that helps companies manage digital identity and access for consumers and employees.


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“We need a sophisticated approach.”

ForgeRock is a digital identity platform company that helps clients manage digital identity and access at scale. Senior Field Marketing Manager Hannah Sierra was first introduced to Sendoso during the annual RSA Conference when a Sendoso sales rep sent her Uber credits to meet with the team in person. She was impressed with the seamless, out-of-the-box experience. Three weeks later, the pandemic hit and Hannah partnered with Lauren Wilcox, Senior Field Marketing Manager. They saw Sendoso as a key way to continue growing personal relationships with prospects in a newly-virtual world.

ForgeRock primarily targets c-suite prospects at $1B+ companies. “In connecting with these high level prospects, an only-digital approach is just not innovative enough,” Hannah said. “We needed something more sophisticated.”

Virtual events for remote prospects

Hannah and Lauren kicked off their first campaign with Sendoso focused on a series of wine tastings with In Good Taste. They hosted 35 prospects and customers for the first event but soon learned that smaller events were more effective at driving better virtual engagement. Hannah and Lauren curated an additional 16+ wine tastings by geographic region, allowing flexibility for prospects who were working remotely to attend the event that matched their timezone.

“Doing these events virtually enabled us to be flexible and nimble,” Hannah noted. The results are clear: the wine tasting campaign received an incredible 98% attendance rate, and led a record breaking number of meetings.

Sendoso enables a seamless client experience, even if there are several of us from sales and marketing working together internally.

Injecting creativity to move the needle

Hannah and Lauren enjoy the freedom of working with Sendoso. Now that their team understands how Sendoso works, they are able to share campaign ideas with them for approval and pivot quickly as things change. It’s more personalized and in line with our ABM strategy.

“We’ve tried all sorts of new ideas to learn what works best,” said Hannah. She’s run several creative campaigns with Sendoso, including a particularly memorable one sending whole Thanksgiving turkeys to customers up for renewals. Hannah said, “It’s really fantastic having these ready-to-send items through Sendoso Direct that do not require a six week lead time to procure, negotiate, and package.”

Inspired by the recent uptick in pet adoptions, another campaign focused on sending a bag of dog food to new pet owners.

It’s this thoughtful, mission-driven approach that really resonates with ForgeRock’s prospects. “Being an early adopter means saying yes to new marketing experiences like Sendoso, and being creative in how you use that opportunity to connect with people,” Hannah said.

We’re all about creating opportunities that extend our time connecting with prospects and customers, and Sendoso helps us do that.

Personalizing the human-to-human experience

Hannah and Lauren have been creative in thinking up additional ways to delight clients and build relationships with them. On the customer experience side, they’ll lead an invite with a personal message, or follow up on a meeting by sending a seasonal gift, like a spring themed office essentials gift box by Teak & Twine. “A virtual experience is more than a webinar—it’s varying digital and physical touchpoints to buyers,” Hannah explained. Partnering with Sendoso helps the customer experience team to create these personalized experiences at scale.

Holiday meet and treat

This ability to personalize sends has been especially helpful for Hannah’s clients in the more regulated industries. ‘Virtual experiences’ provide the opportunity to send unique direct mail to these industries as the sends are associated with industry events like “virtual meet and treats” or “virtual lunch and learns”.

In Q4 2020, Hannah and Lauren launched a holiday-themed “Meet and Treat” campaign. The entire idea around the campaign was to create a multi-touch experience from segmented database emails, to a designated landing page where prospects and customers could choose from a variety of physical gifts: Holiday Dozen by Georgetown Cupcakes, The Hot Cocoa Kit by Teak & Twine, Holiday Old Fashioned Kit by Cocktail Courier, and Lots of Little Holiday Goodies by Olive & Cocoa.

The holiday campaign yielded positive results, contributing to the increase in pipeline and ultimately driving a 65% meetings booked rate.

Sendoso’s Address Confirmation and delivery notifications drove a seamless experience for us and created a constant line of communication between ForgeRock and our customers and prospective customers.

What’s next

As the ForgeRock field marketing team grows, Hannah and Lauren are excited to extend Sendoso access to more teams across the company. “Our marketing and sales teams have a close relationship, and we can see a lot of opportunities for Sendoso to support their work,” Hannah explained. However that plays out, there’s one thing for sure: ForgeRock will continue to focus on new and innovative ways to build personal relationships with customers and prospects, especially when we look at the possibilities of hybrid and physical events one day again.

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Pipeline Influenced

20% Increase

Meetings Booked Rate (Holiday Campaign)


We’re all about creating opportunities that extend our time connecting with prospects and customers, and Sendoso helps us do that.

Hannah Sierra

ForgeRock’s Senior Field Marketing Manager

Learn how, like ForgeRock, you can use Sendoso to grow personal relationships with high profile prospects and clients.

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