March 25, 2021

11 Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

By Sendoso

You want to impress your clients, which means you need to set yourself apart from competitors. How do you do this without coming off as pushy or salesy? One option is to use corporate gifting. This is shown to work because it allows businesses to appeal to customers — gifts are an excellent way to grab attention without asking for anything in return. It’s low-pressure, but makes clients want to repay the favor (such as by returning your call or scheduling a meeting).

Luxury corporate gifts, especially, are a powerful way for you to reward your loyal business associates, employees or clients and really stand out from the competition.

Whether you want to impress a new client, forge lasting partnerships and relationships with loyal clients, or reward a long-time employee, a luxury gift is a must-have gesture in your marketing plan.

When a traditional gift isn’t enough, a unique luxury gift will help to express your gratitude and make lasting relationships and conversations.

What Are the Best Corporate Gifts?

High end business gifts are usually expensive and extravagant, but they can also inspire confidence in your clients around your business.

Luxury gifts suit all tastes but when it comes to gift giving, it’s all about the individual character. Whether the recipient is a young employee, a sophisticated traveler or long-time loyal client of the company, you can express your gratitude through luxurious and refined gifts that your recipients will enjoy.

From smart mugs and golf carry bags, to expensive pens and top-brand headphones, there’s a wide variety of choices to help you find the perfect gift. Other luxury gifts you can try include:

  • Fountain pens
  • Golf accessories bag
  • Bespoke cufflinks
  • Luxury candles
  • High-quality watch

We checked out some expensive corporate gift ideas that will make great gifts if you’re looking to splurge.

What Do You Get Someone That Has Everything?

Shopping for gifts for people who have all the latest and greatest things can be a daunting task. Sure, you want to be thoughtful, but you’re probably running low on gift giving inspiration.

Thankfully, even a person who is first to all the latest and high-tech stuff needs to be spoiled with something new once in a while. To make things less anxiety-inducing, here are our favorite luxurious corporate gift ideas that are sure to please everyone on your list.

1. Gourmet Gift Basket

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For a very special recipient, it’s not enough to give any old gift basket. Send comfort and nourishment with this basket packed with award-winning gourmet snacks that are ready to open and eat. Inside you’ll find crisp premium apples and juicy oranges freshly picked from premium orchards, Godiva chocolate covered pretzels and milk chocolate with salted caramel, and whole-roasted dark chocolate covered almonds among other snacks. The gift basket is accentuated with a hand-tied satin ribbon with optional personalization.

2. Smart Mug

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It doesn’t matter how luxurious a person’s life may be. If they can’t function without a cup of tea or coffee, this smart mug will give them their fix at the perfect temperature every time. The mug enhances the flavor of coffee or tea by allowing the mug holder to select the temperature that tastes best to them, and customize it for total control over their drinking experience. A charging coaster is included that keeps hot drinks at just the right temperature all day.

3. Gourmet Craft Meats

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From grass fed steaks and heritage pork, to pastured chicken and pasture raised craft beef, you can never go wrong with craft meats as a luxury gift. This collection of craft beef and meats speaks the language of luxury grill-out or grill-in featuring the mother lode of premium Wagyu. Give the gift of enjoyable cookouts on a decidedly high note with premium steaks that will leave a lasting taste in the mouth and impression on their minds.

4. Potted Succulent

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Our favorite set of potted succulents makes a fine home or office accessory. Whether you want to congratulate someone for a new office or landing a huge deal, these succulents will ensure you’re thought of time and time again. The trendy plants wield tiny powers that make any space feel more sophisticated. Plus, they’re easy to maintain, help add humidity and purify the air in any environment.

5. Business Bag

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A business bag made from the finest quality leather is the perfect luxury corporate gift for the discerning professional with refined taste. The bag is handmade with the finest tanned leather by skilled artisans to ensure that it’ll remain a timeless piece in their wardrobe, used day after day, all year around. The padded interior has a laptop pocket and plenty of space to organize your working essentials.

6. Chronograph Watch

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For a luxury watch, go with something timeless. This versatile quartz chronograph masterpiece comes with a tachymeter scale inspired by Formula 1, the world’s most prestigious motor-sports circuit. Its blue dial is enhanced by luminous silver-tone hands along with a stainless steel case. Scratch resistant Sapphire crystals are used throughout the watch and a silver-tone stainless steel band to complete the overall design.

7. Engraved Pen

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Nothing says luxury and extravagance like a gold-plated pen. The unique gift combines jewelry-like craftsmanship and a writing instrument, which make this pen a symbol of high-quality luxury writing. Add your recipient’s name and a personal message expertly engraved on the pen to turn this premium gift into an admired heirloom. It’s a VIP business gift for executive, anniversary or retirement that will write history and be enjoyed for a long time.

8. Relaxation Water Fountain

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Give the gift of relaxation with this running water fountain that features a three-tiered waterfall with little stones that produces soothing sounds akin to a babbling creek. The exquisite eco-friendly resin fountain is durable, decorative, and adds a unique style to office or home décor. Plus, it’s easy to install and you can move it wherever you want to go. The fountain freshens up indoor air and makes any space more beautiful and comfortable.

9. Work From Home Gift Box

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With more people working remotely from home, a curated gift box is the perfect modern corporate gift. A Work From Home gift box comprises an intentional mixture of items that make for a zen-like office setup and are functional for teleworking. Contents would include appointed sticky notes, a modern pen set, electronic screen wipes and more. The gift box is purposely designed to be gender neutral so it’ll easily appeal to everyone.

10. Golf Carry Bag

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There are a huge number of golf accessories that’ll fully prepare you for a game of golf. Give your recipient a luxury golf bag with plenty of room for all their clubs and a strap that stays in the same position, making it easy to pick up across the course. Sometimes it’s the little things you have to get right and this golf carry bag should add a nice touch to their enjoyment of the game.

11. Headphones

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A good pair of high-quality, noise-canceling headphones is a luxurious gift that helps drown out the noise of the outside world and give you the peace and quiet you need to focus on the tasks at hand.

A comfortable pair of headphones offers studio-quality performances and adaptive noise cancellation that adjusts on the fly for optimal sound no matter where you are.

What’s great about these Airpods headphones is that when you take out one of the Airpods, the headphones will pause your music and resume it when you put it back in. They make fantastic sound truly a luxury for anyone.

How to Use Sendoso for Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury is owning something that few others do. It’s being able to show off exclusivity, taste and style.

While having luxe tastes makes it harder to shop for because you’re not sure what the recipient dreams of owning, our top picks will help you enter this realm of luxury and pick high-end business gifts that’ll be big hits.

No matter what you have in mind for luxury corporate gifts, ideas range from the simple yet luxe to expensive ultra-unique items that will make it really personal.

Sendoso can help with corporate gifting so you can find and deliver a gift that has the integrity of craftsmanship – something that’s rare, designed well and that will last a lifetime. And more importantly, something that’s personalized so it feels genuine.

Not sure where to start? Our in-house Send Curators work with you to brainstorm, source, and order luxury corporate gift items for your needs. Our hands-on experience and expansive vendor network ensure that you bring your vision to life and build meaningful relationships that translate to business growth and success.

We have limitless sending possibilities to choose from, a corporate gift sending platform to order and track shipments, and analytics to see how well your corporate gifting campaigns are working.

Ready to see how Sendoso can help you make lasting impressions and conversations? Request a demo with us today!

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