Marketing Gifts Guide

When it comes to marketing you’re probably used to thinking outside the box, but have you ever considered sending a marketing gift to your target list of accounts? If you have, you’re not alone. 93% of marketers have considered using direct mail.

The reason for marketing gifts is simple: the state of marketing isn’t what it used to be. It’s now easier than ever for you (and your competitors) to reach out to your customers and prospects directly and daily. As a result, your prospects and customers are now used to spray-and-pray email blasts, irrelevant ad messages, and unwanted cold calls — all of which are difficult to combat against. Sending a marketing gift is an excellent way to break through the noise and connect with people on a human level. Plus, 44% of people said they had visited a brand’s website after receiving direct mail: 34% searched online.  

So whether you’re looking for brand awareness to onboard prospects, you’re months into negotiations and looking to seal the deal, or want to secure a renewal contract, a well-placed, well-timed marketing gift can be the difference between a sale and another missed opportunity.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Gifts

Before you send your marketing gift through the mail (or simply hit the send button if you’re using a Sending Platform) you’ll want to make sure you’re following these guidelines on what to do and what not to do when it comes to marketing gifts: 

DO: Always send highly personalized marketing gifts to your customer base. Even if they’re potential customers, going the extra step to personalize each gift can take you a long way. Plus, personalization helps establish a stronger bond between you and your customer. This is especially important considering consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.  

DO: Get creative with your marketing gift ideas! Nobody really needs another branded notebook, pen, or t-shirt. Any materials or products with your logo on them are direct representations of your company, so choose something your customers will get excited about! Whether it’s a cool t-shirt, Bluetooth headphones, pens, or stickers, the right product branding can go a long way.

DO: Include a handwritten note addressed specifically to each recipient of your marketing gift. Briefly explain why you’re sending your item, what value you hope it can bring to your customer, and how much you appreciate them doing business with you. (We’re happy to help you write all those notes, too.) 

DON’T: Blow through your budget. The best marketing gift isn’t an expensive one, it’s a thoughtful one, and a small gesture can go a long way. 

DON’T: Wait till the last minute to send your gift. Make sure to think through your timeline and start planning your marketing gift logistics at least six weeks before you’d like it to arrive.  

DON’T: Forget to follow-up! Your follow-up process is an essential last step to any direct mail campaign. In your handwritten note, let the recipient know that you will be following up, and how. Then, wait a day or two after your gift is delivered, just in case there are any hold-ups in it arriving at their desk. Next, a week or so to see how they’re doing and if they received your package.

Ready for inspiration on what types of marketing gifts to send?

Finding The Right Marketing Gift For Every Industry

The best thing about marketing gifts is that there are meaningful, thoughtful, and strategic marketing gift ideas for almost any field you just need to be creative! (Hint: Creative Project Managers at Sendoso can help you take any send idea to the next level.) 

As long as the item you’re sending is useful and practical for the industry you’re targeting, your gift has the power to make a profound impact on the recipient. Test out sending items applicable to your customers’ industries that will help in their day-to-day lives. Prospects turn into loyal customers as a result of products and services that are not only relevant, but makes their lives easier. Let your gift be the same, even in a small way.

Marketing Gifts for Small Businesses

A common goal for small businesses is usually brand awareness and brand recognition. However, most small businesses do not have the benefit of massive budgets for marketing gifts to get their name out there. The best way to make these gifts worthwhile is to send affordable items that introduce customers to your company in a memorable way. 

Here are some suggestions on ways small businesses can get their company name out there:

  • Pop-up mailer: A fun and engaging pop-up mailer offering a discount on your product or service is an excellent way to get on prospects’ radars.

  • Handwritten notes: A simple, well-written note to customers thanking them for their business show it’s the thought that counts, and build connections on a human level to your recipients. (86% blah blah) 
  • Branded tote bag or backpack: Although branded tote bags aren’t unique, there’s a reason why companies continue to offer them – they’re practical and keep people’s eyes on their brand name daily. 

Marketing Gifts For Enterprise Companies

Enterprise companies are great to target for marketing gifts, as they are large organizations that usually have entire buying committees in charge of decision making. This makes for a perfect excuse to send a group gift that gets the whole team talking about your company! Please keep in mind enterprise companies may have gifting policies in place so before you send, reference our Corporate Gift Giving Guide to make sure your gift is up to code. 

A couple of gifts that work for enterprise companies are: 

  • Sweet treats: Cupcakes with a message about how “sweet it would be to work together.” For larger audiences, send fun and colorful postcards. 
  • Swag pack: Send a fun “swag pack” full of branded items that can be distributed among the team. For example, you can send branded pop-sockets, AirPod cases, webcam covers, and a mental block puzzle to inspire teamwork.

  • Team lunch: Send your prospect or customer a $50-75 lunch eGift card so they can give their entire team a break and treat them to a complimentary lunch. You could also send $10 lunch eGifts as part of a bigger campaign to top accounts!

B2B Marketing Gifts

For B2B marketing gifts, you should be strategic in your sending. Consider where in your sales funnel your recipient is, as well as the intent of your gift. This gift could be a critical factor in helping your brand stand out against competition, moving a deal across the finish line, or driving meaningful customer experiences. 

For each stage of the sales funnel, consider sending these gifts:

  • TOFU: Send succulents to all new clients with a note celebrating new growth together.
  • MOFU: Ship assorted mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa or other sweet treats from Georgetown Cupcake to get a whole buying team excited about your company. 

  • BOFU: Send a Google Home Mini to a partner and note saying, “We want to make your life easier!” 

Marketing Gifts For Realtors

Real estate is a relationship-based industry.  Top realtors all rely on referrals for new leads and opportunities. In this fiercely competitive industry, gift-giving is an excellent way to secure those referrals and differentiate yourself from the thousands of other real estate agents all vying for the same clients. Marketing gifts convey you have your clients’ best interest at heart and establish trust between you and your clients as well.  

Some gifts that work for the real estate industry are: 

  • House-shaped stress ball: While your customers are looking at homes and evaluating the cost of moving, send a unique stress ball to take the stress out of home-buying.
  • Key chain: Send a branded keychain and invitation to an open house before customers have signed their contract to get them excited with a note saying, “The keys to your dream home are right around the corner!”

  • Branded candles: After a customer has signed a contract, send along a branded candle and note saying, “Your dream home is going to be lit!”

Marketing Gifts for Healthcare

Due to concerns about bribery, marketing gifts for healthcare are similar to those for enterprise companies in that healthcare providers often have gifting policies, and may even be unable to send a gift exceeding a certain amount of money. 

Gifts we recommend for healthcare are: 

  • Printed collateral or posters: A simple postcard or poster that briefly explains your company’s services with a note saying how you can solve any “pain points” they might be facing is a great way to get the ball rolling!
  • A sharable, savory treat: A “not-too-sweet” treat that is easy to distribute like popcorn or Chex-mix is perfect for healthcare companies since being healthy is most likely your top concern! Plus, the recipient can share with their colleagues and keep the conversation going around your company. 

  • Charity Choice eGift: The healthcare industry is all about making the world a better place, so an eGift that allows the recipient to choose a charity they’d like to donate to is a creative, on-brand way to make a great impression. 

Sending Your Marketing Gift

No matter what marketing gift you choose, and no matter what industry you’re in, sending a marketing gift is an excellent way to rise above the digital noise your customers are bombarded with on a daily basis. The right gift can go a long way in building personal relationships with customers, and fostering long-lasting connections. 

Want to learn how Sendoso can help you achieve sending success? Request a demo below for more information! 

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