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Sendoso touchpoints throughout the sales process

How ringDNA uses Sendoso to create human connections and drive pipeline acceleration.

With ringDNA Head of Demand Generation,

Scott Logan


ringDNA needed a solution to support a sales team that tripled over the last year and had an aggressive new revenue goal.


ringDNA successfully uses Sendoso to book discovery calls, increase meeting show rates, accelerate pipeline opportunities and increase win rates.

Majority of sales opps

are influenced by Sendoso

ringDNA is a sales enablement platform that uses AI to help every rep sell like an expert. The leading choice for Salesforce customers like Amazon Web Services, Twilio, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Autodesk, ringDNA offers a complete solution for sales engagement, sales playbook execution, performance insight, conversation intelligence and much more.


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“As a marketer, I want to give sales the tools they need to be successful.”

ringDNA is trusted by sales professionals at enterprise, mid-market, and small and midsize companies across the world. Scott Logan, head of demand generation, creates leads for his sales team and enables them with strategies and tools to win against the competition. “When your SDR and sales teams are selling to sales leaders, they always have to be on top of their game. And as a marketer, I want to give sales the tools they need to be successful.”

Scott wasn’t new to sending direct mail and gifts before he brought on Sendoso. He’s been incorporating direct mail into his demand generation strategy for 12 years— even manually sourcing, storing, packaging, and shipping items which Scott says was time-consuming and impossible to scale.

He knew he needed a sending platform to take the manual logistics out of the equation, especially because the sales team tripled and had much more aggressive revenue goals. He implemented Sendoso to build SDR and AE sales plays that would accelerate opportunity creation with prospects who had high levels of marketing engagement like downloading an eBook or interacting with marketing ads and emails.

Sendoso enables us to adjust our campaign strategy to influence whichever campaign is most important to the sales team at that moment.

Accelerating Opportunity Creation

When it comes to establishing strong relationships with prospects, Scott says, “It doesn’t happen once a target company becomes a customer. It should happen from your very first interaction with stakeholders.” That’s when the team begins to deploy Sendoso. 

The SDR team’s sending cadence typically includes …

  1. ringDNA Sequence
  2. Linkedin connection
  3. Sendoso eGift or personalized gift

Using these platforms in our multi-channel campaigns enables almost all of sales discovery calls take place or are rescheduled to a later date. “That’s fantastic because a discovery call is the first step for building pipeline,” Scott said.

Many sales teams try to qualify leads off of the initial conversion. For ringDNA, it’s better to nurture and layer different touchpoints, such as a gift from Sendoso, to create more strategic engagement. 

“The other important piece of this equation is to avoid keeping Sendoso siloed within marketing or sales. When both teams use the solution in a coordinated way, the effectiveness multiplies,” added Scott.

What we’ve done is taken the hardest part of that sales rep job—remembering all those varying touchpoints to execute—and done it for them. Now all they have to do is simply reply or give prospects a phone call. That wouldn’t happen without the flexibility of the platform integrations.

Building Better Relationships

The marketing and sales teams work together to coordinate holiday-themed direct mail sends. The program delivered a tailored experience that encouraged a quality discussion about ringDNA’s solution.

Scott also enables sales reps to send eGifts ad hoc to keep conversations with stakeholders progressing forward. During COVID-19, when in-person meetings are not possible, Sendoso has been extremely successful for ringDNA’s sales team.

“There is a direct correlation to the level of personalization of the gift and opportunity size.”

A ringDNA SDR saw a lead come in from a decision-maker at a high-value account perfectly aligned with their ICP. They used the Sendoso Amazon integration to send their contact a tumbler mug branded with their favorite college sports team. The rep’s personalized note started by highlighting the prospect’s team on their Linkedin profile, connecting it to his own collegiate athletic career. The note ended by re-connecting the prospect’s marketing content downloads to ringDNA’s solution. The prospect immediately replied to book a meeting, even bringing two other stakeholders into the conversation.

All three decision-makers received mugs before the first meeting, creating excitement for the demo which Scott says, “They already came in warm and fuzzy. How many times do you get that experience coming into a discovery meeting? When we went into that call, we were able to start with some fun banter that was more personal than professional.”

When we asked Scott why personalization is important during ringDNA’s sales process he said, “There is a direct correlation to the level of personalization of the gift and opportunity size.” 

Sendoso is ringDNA’s top-influencer of sales generated opportunities

The results of implementing Sendoso speak for themselves: Sendoso is the number one influencer for sales-generated pipeline and impacts the majority of sales generated opportunities. They’ve also found that when they send a personalized gift through Sendoso, they increase win rates significantly.

Campaign Details

Teams Using Sendoso


Technology Used


Sales Results

Most sales opportunities are influenced by Sendoso.

Marketing Results

Sendoso is a top influencer for sales-generated pipeline.

Increasing Win Rates

Personalized gifts increase win rate significantly.

Sendoso gives you the ability to make personalized connected experiences to the next level and create a dialogue—not just sending to send, but to make a real connection.

Scott Logan

With ringDNA Head of Demand Generation

Learn how, like ringDNA, you can use Sendoso to connect with prospects and close deals.

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