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Increase in demo show rate

Procore is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction.

As a fast growing tech company, Procore needed to scale their direct mail efforts.

The Challenge

Procore knew that direct mail would be an effective outreach channel for their unique audience of construction and project managers. Full service support was a priority for Procore: they knew what they wanted to send and who they would send to, but they needed support to actualize their campaigns

The Results

Procore turned to Sendoso and with full support, Procore was able to carry out stand out initiatives, alleviating pressure on their growing inside and enterprise sales team. Since teaming up with Sendoso, Procore has sent impressive direct mail campaigns such as:

• Footballs with customer packaging tape & handwritten notes for the start of football season
• Paper shredders with a fold out infographic poster highlighting document digitization.
• Branded beanies and hockey pucks for their software launch in Canada
• Coffee vouchers for pre-demo reminders have been our sales game changer

After running a dozen different direct mail campaigns over a six month period, the team at Procore noticed that they built over $2 million in sales pipeline. In Q4 alone, the Procore team sent over 1,000 gift cards, raising their demo show rate roughly 16 percent and attributing over $1.2 million into their pipeline. With direct mail, Procore was able to quickly learn that accounts tied to direct mail had a 20 percent higher chance of closing with a faster sales cycle. Procore’s Senior Channel Marketing Specialist, Jerry Henry, shared “ Sendoso has been the biggest success our marketing team added in 2017. The ability to send coffee/lunch gift cards to prospects directly from Salesforce has improved our presentation show rate and has decreased our sales cycle. The integration with salesforce makes reporting, ROI, and success very easy to track.

“Sendoso has grown with us, working closely to add integrations, build out specific campaigns based off our CTAs, and creating goals tied to the campaign to ensure we are getting the most return on investment.”

Jerry Henry - Senior Channel Marketing Specialist - Procore Technologies

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