LiveRamp Reduced Email Response to 2-3 days.

Not bad when it previously took 30 days.


Increase in event registrations


Decrease in response time
from cold leads


Increase in conversions to
meetings from cold contacts

LiveRamp is an identity resolution provider.

They offer brands and their partners a service that integrates people, devices, and data across the physical and digital worlds, enabling the foundation for true people-based marketing.

The Challenge

LiveRamp needed to expand their outbound efforts to support their growing number of partners and expanding customer base. The team had already experienced the power of direct mail. Their SDR team would see better response rates with direct mail touches, but they would have to dedicate entire afternoons to packing and shipping. LiveRamp knew this approach wasn’t scalable.

The first vendor they worked with could only be accessed through a Salesforce integration and offered a limited selection for sending options. LiveRamp needed a turnkey and seamless platform that could support multiple initiatives: alcohol gifts,  handwritten notes, and eGifts, as well as automated email notifications alerting their team when packages had been shipped and delivered.

As a metrics-driven team, they were focused on empowering teams with measurable direct mail touchpoints. They also wanted to incorporate more personalization into their outreach, so they sought a vendor that offered creative project managers, greater flexibility for users, and the ability to send almost anything.

125 LiveRamp Team Members

Using Sendoso across marketing, BDRs, Sales, and Customer Success teams.

The Results

LiveRamp turned to Sendoso. After starting with simple direct mail campaigns in order to demonstrate their effectiveness, they found that adding a direct mail touchpoint to their event invitations increased registrations by more than 30%. LiveRamp then decided to empower the business development, sales, and customer success teams with Sendoso, as well as develop more creative campaigns using wine, company-branded apparel, handwritten notes, and eGifts. 

LiveRamp team members can now easily send gifts directly from Amazon with Sendoso’s integration, giving them the ability to add more personalization to their outreach.  They then noticed a correlation between gift touch points and discovery meetings logged by outbound BDRs. Their goal was to re-engage cold leads that had never responded before. BDRs incorporated gifts in their outreach with Sendoso and saw responses within 1-2 days of them being delivered. 

Other teams also saw the success of adding personalization to their outreach. Within 30 days after a direct mail touchpoint in a sales process, the team would see an opportunity being created. And their customer success team saw a really high correlation between renewals and upsells when there was a gift touchpoint within a couple of months of closing the original deal.

MarTech Stack

Salesforce, Marketo, Bizible, SalesLoft, DiscoverOrg, LeanData, Lattice, Terminus, and AdRoll.

Sendoso made it easy to incorporate direct mail into our overall marketing strategy, and the SFDC integration made it simple to see how the direct mail efforts improved campaign performance. We found that when sending a gift to a cold lead, a return email would come in 2-3 days versus the 30 plus days—or complete lack of response—we were seeing before integrating direct mail… We have all sorts of teams using Sendoso for outreach at LiveRamp. It’s become an increasingly important component of how they run their day-to-day business!”

Ben Coffee – Head of Marketing Operations – Liveramp

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