Liveramp Boosts Meetings Set by 33%


of marketing influence on new business pipeline.


set meetings from a cold list

Liveramp, the identity platform leveraged by brands and their partners to deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences.


As a sr. marketing manager, Ben Coffee is always looking for creative ways to cut through the noise and provide meaningful interactions to their prospects to drive pipeline for sales.

He wanted to create custom direct mail packages that would grab the attention of potential buyers to ensure they are having positive associations with the Liveramp brand.


With the ability to send directly from salesforce, the outbound sales development reps started sending to their target accounts. These accounts are inundated with messages from competitors so they sent a swagbomb to Director levels with the message to “Get Liverampified” with the intent for the Director to spread out Liveramp swag to the team members.


The swagbomb campaign really moved the needle in securing internal buy in across the organization and getting contracts across the desk of their prospects. Ben can see that direct mail which is exclusively Sendoso at Liveramp has 8 to 12% Influence for new business pipeline. In addition, a cold list prospecting campaign done with a Sendoso send, calls, and emails had a 33% set meetings.

“Conversion over 10% for a cold list are phenomenal let alone 33%, Sendoso is pretty incredible in my book. Creating little micro moments can differentiate the Customer service rep and brand themselves while creating lasting impressions.”

Ben Coffee from LiveRamp

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