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Driving 35% of quarterly pipeline from one Sendoso campaign

How Lively uses Sendoso to build brand affinity and personalize the sales funnel.

With Lively Growth Marketing Specialist,

Patricia Montenegro

Senior Director of Growth and Retention,

Krupa Shah


Lively needed to communicate their modern product offering and stand out from the crowd in a competitive market.


With Sendoso, Lively tapped into the power of creative, branded gifts that got the attention of the brokers they sell to, influenced pipeline, and drove revenue.


opportunities influenced from one Sendoso campaign


of quarterly pipeline driven from one Sendoso campaign

Lively is a modern Health Savings Account (HSA) platform that delivers a simple and intuitive user experience, allowing both employers and consumers to get the most out of their HSA benefits.


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“It’s important that we control our brand experience.”

Lively is the modern HSA experience built for those seeking stability in the ever-shifting and uncertain healthcare landscape. Lively is committed to helping every HSA maximize its potential through intuitive design, accessible support, and ongoing education.

Krupa Shah, senior director of growth and retention, heard great things about Sendoso from colleagues. Looking for a way to streamline the sending process, she and her team signed up with Sendoso and loved the flexibility it offered—especially to gain the attention of Lively’s audience, HR professionals and brokers, in a fun, creative way.

Having a curated list of items in Sendoso helps us control our brand messaging and experiences at a high level, while also putting the power to manage everyday sending in the hands of our sales reps.

“Sendoso helps us streamline the relationship-building process.”

Lively mainly uses Sendoso as a tool to empower relationship building. Sales reps will send a gift after a meeting as a thank you, and to incentivize future meetings.

Krupa and her team have developed creative campaigns that capitalize on Lively’s unique brand and product to make the most of these relationship-building moments. One of their best-performing campaigns to date has been their “Spring into Action!” campaign.

Spring is a busy season for brokers, so Krupa and her team developed a gift campaign that centered around the idea of “springing into action” with a fun play on words around the idea of growth. Top prospects that had already been in touch with the sales team were sent a gift box with a custom laser-etched Woodchuck notebook (an eco-friendly company that plants a tree for every product purchased) and a watering can plant growing kit. The bundle also included a one-pager with the message:

Ready, Set, Spring into Action! Things are starting to warm up and getting Lively as we make our way into the year. Here are some productivity tips to help you blossom.

“We wanted to send something useful on a day-to-day level, like the notebook, and something that sits nicely on your desk as a pick-me-up, like the flowers,” Krupa shared. The thoughtful gifts were a hit: 460 sends resulted in about 60 heartfelt ‘thank you’ notes and 40 influenced opportunities, which equated to 35% of the pipeline generated for the quarter.

Sendoso really streamlines the sending process for both sales and marketing—we love that we don’t have to go out and individually source a gift and individually ship that off to someone.

When life gives you lemons

Krupa and her team have been overcoming the challenges of the pandemic by using creative Sendoso campaigns to drive conversations with prospects. At the beginning, the team sent activities for their prospects’ children, giving the parents a brief break from entertaining them.

This kind of thoughtfulness is core to Lively’s brand. When face-to-face lunches were canceled, the sales team came up with the idea of offering prospects the option of accepting an eGift card for lunch or donating that money to charity. Brokers loved being able to give back during a tumultuous time, and as a result, 213 Sendoso Choice eGifts, which cost around $5K, created 32 opportunities.

To aid the sales team during a particularly difficult time, the marketing team created a sales playbook titled “turning lemons into lemonade” to drive sales adoption of marketing activities. Because the playbook worked, they replicated the playbook in Q3 and sent margarita kits to brokers as a ‘thank you’ after a business proposal was initiated or a deal closed.

“Sendoso’s Address Confirmation tool was a big help to us in getting all of these gifts out in a streamlined way, saving everyone time during an already stressful period and bringing a smile to prospects’ faces even when they weren’t able to with us in person,” Krupa said.

Without Sendoso, our business would be facing a lot more challenges building relationships during COVID.

Looking ahead to more automated sending

Today, the Lively team already uses Sendoso sequencing to create tasks in Salesforce, but is looking forward to implementing even more automation. “We want to set up trigger-sending in Marketo, as well as start to use Amazon sending more,” said Krupa. “We see so many possibilities for incorporating Sendoso into our sales and marketing processes—we’re just getting started.”

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Almost everyday, someone from our sales team tells us how much they love Sendoso. Thanks for making us look like rock stars!

Krupa Shah

Lively Senior Director of Growth and Retention

Learn how your company, like Lively, can personalize the marketing and sales funnel, and drive revenue.

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