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45% of Revenue Influenced by Sendoso in Just One Quarter

How Electric leveraged Sendoso to increase collaboration, influence pipeline, and drive revenue.

With Electric Demand Generation Manager,

Hally Darnell


Electric needed a platform to engage with prospects and generate pipeline at each stage of the marketing and sales funnel.


By leveraging Sendoso throughout the entire buyer’s journey, Electric was able to drive ROI while bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams.


pipeline influenced by Sendoso Q1 2021


revenue influenced by Sendoso Q1 2021

Electric provides small to medium-sized businesses with enterprise-grade IT support.


New York, NY



Company Size

350+ employees




Finding common ground with direct mail

Electric’s automated IT platform helps small and mid-sized businesses get enterprise-level IT support. Their target audience is IT decision-makers at companies with 15 to 500 employees, which means their buyer personas include IT, finance, operations, HR, or even CEOs, depending on the company.

Hally Darnell joined Electric in 2018 as the first full-time marketing hire, and now serves as Demand Generation Manager overseeing paid campaigns, email marketing, and Account-Based Everything (ABX). “It’s a broad role, but the common thread is sending direct mail,” explained Hally.

Before purchasing Sendoso, the marketing team executed sending manually, which was extremely inefficient and time-consuming. “I would wake up in the middle of the night and think, ‘Oh my god, I have 60 more headphones to send,” said Hally.

Generating qualified meetings with Sendoso

Electric partnered with Sendoso in 2019 to accelerate deals throughout the marketing and sales funnel as well as for the Sending Platform’s ease of use and ROI trackability capabilities. As the Sendoso point person at Electric, Hally divides the Sendoso uses cases into three buckets:

First is 1:1 sales engagement, where account executives have a monthly budget to send eGifts for coffee, lunch, Amazon, or charitable donations to target accounts through Outreach or Salesforce, which Hally says has made gifting more measurable and scalable.

Second, she set up triggered sends to prospects at certain stages of the buyer’s journey. These 1:few sends are usually swag items, which range from a S’well bottle with a Miami Vice-style Electric logo, to dad hats, beanies, and insulated mugs.

The final Sendoso use case is 1:many campaigns in an email nurture drip targeting buyer personas at target accounts where opportunities have not already been created. These campaigns feature a monthly promotion with messaging related to IT. By giving the sales team the reigns, 26% of all qualified meetings in Q1 2021 were set using Sendoso


Driving cross-functional collaboration

While Sendoso has driven ROI for Electric, Hally says the platform’s biggest benefit has been the increased collaboration between sales and marketing. In addition to building out ABM programs to support sales, Hally created a Sendoso playbook to provide specific guidance on how reps can use Sendoso.

“I view my role as bridging the gap between sales and marketing,” said Hally. “Sendoso has helped prove it’s critical that we work closely together.”

Automation is music to marketers’ ears

The Electric team found that sending a single, higher-value item performs well among their audience. Hally launched a campaign where prospects received Bose Soundbars in exchange for attending a meeting. The campaign included a landing page with the message: “IT Support That Raises the (Sound)Bar.”

When it comes to IT support for small and mid-size businesses, Electric is always raising the bar, and we’d love the chance to show you how we’re doing just that. That’s why—for a limited time—Electric will gift you a Bose Solo 5 Soundbar when you take a meeting with us.

Hally uses Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature to ensure high-value gifts reach the right location. She is also setting up triggers using Sendoso’s Salesforce integration that will automatically send a Soundbar once an account has reached MQL status. 

Once a prospect attends a demo, Electric sales reps receive notifications from Sendoso when the prospect’s address is validated, the Soundbar ships, and when it arrives — providing multiple opportunities for reps to follow up.

Increasing year-over-year revenue with Sendoso

Since onboarding Sendoso, the team has doubled new revenue year over year. And in Q1 2021 alone, Electric garnered incredible results from using Sendoso: 26% of all qualified meetings driven

, 28% of pipeline influenced, and 45% of revenue influenced— equating to millions in pipeline and revenue. With results like that, we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Campaign Details

Teams Using Sendoso



Customer Success

People Team

Integrations Used



Pipeline Influenced

28% (Q1 2021)

Revenue Influenced

45% (Q1 2021)

“We give the sales team as much liberty as possible. With Sendoso, they can send eGifts for coffee, lunch, Amazon, or charitable donations to, all within the sales platforms they use every day.”

Hally Darnell

Electric Demand Generation Manager

Learn how, like Electric, you can use Sendoso to engage prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.