For Every $1 Spent with Sendoso, Cornerstone Gets $4K in Pipeline


lead-to-opportunity conversion rate


in influenced pipeline for every dollar spent 


in influenced opportunity pipeline

Cornerstone provides cloud-based people development solutions that helps organizations to recruit, train, and manage their people.


Sara Schonfeld, senior marketing strategist at Cornerstone, partners with sales reps on targeting key accounts and contacts by focusing on account-based marketing initiatives that generate pipeline. Direct mail was proving to be one of their most effective tactics and an important part of their account-based strategy.

However, in the past, Sara was using another platform that limited what they could send. The legacy tool lacked integrations with Salesforce and Outreach, preventing her team from being able to automate and measure sends within the tools they already use. Sara wanted a platform that made it easy to scale their sending based on tiered accounts, along with the ability to send on a one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many basis.


After implementing Sendoso, Sara partnered with sales to send out gifts to secure meetings with their strategic accounts that haven’t responded to outreach in the past. She started her campaign by giving her sales team a 3-week time frame to identify accounts and contacts for the program.

Then, Sara worked closely with her sales operation team to develop a sequence inside Outreach. Their sequence began with an email letting the prospect know that they should be receiving something the day before it arrives. Sales reps were then able to send out gifts with a click of a button directly from their Outreach sequence. Sendoso automatically posted the tracking status of the gift directly into the Outreach activity feed. After the truffles were delivered, Outreach automatically added the prospect to their follow-up sequence so they can connect with a phone call and email that day to secure a meeting.

“I think the most important part of our strategy is the real partnership between sales and marketing.  It’s not about a truffle, no matter how delicious.”

-Sara Schonfeld, Cornerstone


For every $1 spent on the gifts, Sendoso influenced $4,000 in pipeline for Cornerstone. The campaign saw a 30% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, generating $7 million in influenced opportunity pipeline.

“Sendoso helps Cornerstone accelerate deals and set meetings with the prospects we normally have a difficult time getting in touch with. The unique sends help us break through the noise and come in with a message that resonates.”

Sara Schonfeld, Cornerstone

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