The Sendoso Sendie Awards

The accomplishments of our customers continue to make Sendoso a success—and now it’s time for us to honor those leaders and pioneers within our community.

The Out of the Box Sender Award

This award celebrates a creative sender who always thinks outside the box. Who effectively engages with target accounts by sending unique and engaging dimensional packages. Read Case Study.

2020 Winner: Stephanie Kelly, Terminus

The Sending Trailblazer Award

This awards celebrates the leader who contributes to their organization’s success through the innovative and personalized sends along with brilliant multi channel campaigns that delivers unprecedented end-to-end experiences. Read Case Study.

2020 Winner: Scott Logan, RingDNA

The Conductor: Best Overall Sending Strategy

Recognizes the Marketing team whose efforts and successes have made a clear impact on business outcomes. Their results are measurable and have  improved the customer experience, driven operational efficiency, and impacted revenue performance.

2020 Winners: Liz Caspersen, Megan Flanagan, Amy Patterson, & Lindsay Lightheart, Arctic Wolf

The Bold Pivoter Award

Recognizes the marketer that when faced with a global pandemic, he/she can drop their plans and pivot for the greater good of their company. The bold are not afraid to make decisions and rally around a strategy that will win. Read Case Study.

2020 Winner: Jessica Fernandez, Rapid7

The Digital Excellence Award

We celebrate the marketer that leads with empathy, respect, and understands the importance of engaging people in a personal way when you can’t be in person. Read Case Study.

2020 Winner: Bryce Nobles, MX

The Social Impact Award

This award celebrates the marketer that is using their budgets as a force for good  to make the world a better place. The gifts are going towards a cause and delivering a meaningful message to target audiences about the companies commitment to charitable giving. Read Julia’s Story.

2020 Winner: Julia Hartwig, Pubnub

2019 Award Winners

Katie Dunn

The Sending Trailblazer
Read Katie’s Story

Braiden Ludtka, Extra Hop

Best Overall Sending Strategy
Read Braiden’s Story

Peter Tarrant, Tipalti

The Out of the Box Sender
Read Peter’s Story

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