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Transforming Product Launches With Enablement

There are a lot of moving parts when preparing for an upcoming product launch. Sales enablement plays an essential role in ensuring that reps are effectively armed with all of the knowledge, content, and skills they need to tackle any and every customer conversation, and it is essential to effectively partner across product and marketing teams to make the launch successful.

Hear from our panel of experts as they discuss how they’ve managed to partner cross-functionally in order to deliver effective, seamless product launches. You’ll learn:

  • How to use technology to transform your product launches
  • What successful training looks like for sales reps around a product launch
  • How to measure the success of your product launch initiatives

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Lauren Barraco

Sr Director, Product Marketing, Sendoso

Tieg Herman

Director, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement, Deluxe Corporation

Arianne Emdad

Client Delivery Leader, DSG