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Surprise and Delight: How Gifting Generates Gratitude & Revenue

Considering we all now live on Zoom, it’s more important than ever to intentionally build meaningful relationships with your customers. And if there’s one thing that builds meaningful relationships, it’s gifts. Sendoso is here to show how gifting can help build deep relationships that will ensure you are fostering retention and increasing revenue.
In this training, you will learn how Sendoso makes it possible to connect with potential customers and retain current ones through the power of personalized gifting.

This training is designed to help you:

  • Surprise and delight customers to grow your revenue and keep them coming back
  • Understand the long-term impact of gifting in regards to customer engagement and retention
  • Identify personalized gifts to send with ease
  • Learn about what the Sendoso platform offers
  • Elevate your marketing tactics with the Sendoso service
  • Integrate Sendoso with HubSpot to create simplified, systematic, and scalable sending

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Leslie Barrett

Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy, Sendoso

Mason Cosby

Digital Marketing Specialist, Mojo Media Labs