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The Show Must Go On: Game Plan for Customer Retention During Uncertain Times

In the midst of so much uncertainty, the only thing that is certain is that meaningful and valuable connections are important more, now than ever. Customer Success teams are uniquely positioned to step up and provide business continuity as well as tend to and protect their customer base.

During this time, businesses are in uncharted territory in knowing how to navigate customer retention strategies to minimize churn.

The Show Must Go On is a virtual experience bringing together 10+ innovative SaaS leaders to share how their companies are powering their customer lifecycle, filling demand generation gaps and driving customer engagement during this critical time. Enjoy ChurnZero and Sendoso’s inspirational session from this event!

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Abby Hammer

Chief Customer Officer, ChurnZero

Allison Tiscornia

Chief Customer Officer, Sendoso

Watch this Webinar and learn how to:

  • Understand what customers really need during this time
  • Show appreciation for your customers’ continued loyalty
  • Provide meaningful and effective customer communication