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Revenue Team’s Full Funnel Playbook

Sendoso experts share their playbooks on engaging, acquiring, and retaining customers in 4 uniqiue virtual strategy sessions.

Revenue teams have been asked to do more with less and as the digital world becomes more saturated, programs that bring back the feel of in-person experiences have grown more important. This is why we have brought together Sendoso experts across all departments to share creative ways we have maximized sales and marketing ROI in this new climate.

Across 4 unique sessions, we will share proven strategies for driving revenue growth, how to achieve measurable results from sending, and maximizing ROI. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or customer success, we hope these methods and insights bring success to your team.

On-demand recordings from 4 unique virtual strategy sessions:

  • Bring Back the In-Person Feel to Digital Experiences
  • Sales Playbook: Full Funnel Sending Strategies
  • Evolving Past ABM to ABX
  • Sendoso for Retention

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Joe Venuti

VP of Inside Sales, Sendoso

Ben Rosenberg

VP of Sender Experience, Sendoso

Scott Logan

Head of Demand Generation, ringDNA

Lauren Barraco

Senior Director or Product Marketing, Sendoso

Zack Alspaugh

Director of Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Sendoso

Andrea Lydon

Director of Sales Development, Sendoso

Nick Casale

Director of Sales, Sendoso

Sruthi Kumar

Senior Marketing Manager, Sendoso

Patrick Wolf

Senior Manager of Demand Generation, Sendoso

Leslie Barrett

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Sendoso

Liz Caspersen

Sr. Customer Marketing Manager, Arctic Wolf Networks

Colleen Jackson

Account Based Marketing Manager, Anaplan

Larisa Sandu

Customer Marketing Manager, OneLogin

Egan Callahan

Manager, Customer Success, Sendoso

What you'll learn at the event

  • Best sending strategies – how to drive revenue growth with unique and meaningful engagement.
  • Do more with less – how to allocate your budget to maximize ROI amid economic uncertainty.
  • Proven tactics that will empower your team to achieve measurable results using impactful personalization.