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The Secret to Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Any business leader knows the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams for the long-term, predictable revenue growth of an organization. Understanding the importance is one thing, but achieving alignment is a different challenge altogether.

In this on-demand session, Laurent Castalliac, VP of Enterprise Sales at Sendoso joins guest speaker(s) Sarah McConnell, VP of Demand Generation at Qualified, and Matthew Stein, Senior Director of Marketing at Reprise, to unlock the secrets of aligning sales and marketing teams, and ultimately win more business!

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • The why behind aligning your sales and marketing teams
  • Ways to overcome misalignment between teams
  • The importance of a clear lead generation and transfer process
  • Alignment tactics and strategies that will fill your sales team’s pipelines and drive revenue 

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Laurent Castalliac

VP of Enterprise Sales

Sarah McConnell

VP of Demand Generation

Matthew Stein

Senior Director of Marketing