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Scaling Targeted Prospecting Through Video

Join sales leaders Reva Pellerin, Manager of Business Development at Vidyard, and Morgan J Ingram, 2x LinkedIn Top Sales Voice and Host of #TheSDRChronicles, along with moderator Tyler Lessard, Creator and Host of Creating Connections, for a unique look at how effective video outreach can be the key to unlocking your target accounts.

Get the inside scoop on how these experts are adapting their sales approaches to deliver relevant, personalized outreach to their target accounts not just in prospecting but throughout their sales journey from BDRs to AEs and on to customer success.

Out of the Box is a virtual experience bringing together 35 account-based leaders to discuss what it takes to execute an Account-Based strategy across every stage of the revenue funnel. Enjoy JBarrows and Vidyard’s inspirational session from this event!

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Tyler Lessard

VP of Marketing, Vidyard

Morgan J Ingram

Director of Sales Execution and Evolution, JBarrows Sales Training

Reva Pellerin

Business Development Manager, Vidyard

Join the discussion to learn actionable ways you can:

  • Humanize and personalize your sales process with video
  • Effectively prospect on LinkedIn with video
  • Use personalized video in your cadences to get results