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Sales(Tech) Enablement:

Strategies for Deploying Video, Direct Mail, Automation and More

Deploying new SalesTech across your team and realizing a big ROI can be a tough gig. Even though the tech has amazing promise, if your reps don’t embrace it and see early success, adoption will wane and the results won’t come. Join this amazing panel of practitioners, leaders and mentors to learn how to:

  • Successfully roll out new tools like video, direct mail, meeting automation, and more in a way that maximizes adoption and delivers quick time-to-value
  • Get sellers excited to make the most of new tech
  • Effectively enable your sales reps while they are all working remote

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Kevin Dorsey

VP of Inside Sales, PatientPop

Lauren Barraco

Head of Revenue Growth & Enablement, Sendoso

Alex Campione

Director of Sales Enablement, Corporate Traveler

Michael Tuso

Director of Revenue Performance, Chili Piper