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Sales & Marketing Virtual Panel: Aligning to Accelerate Revenue

Any business leader worth their salt knows the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams for the long-term, predictable revenue growth of an organization. Understanding the importances is one thing, but achieving tight alignment is a different challenge altogether.

Join us to hear what considerations, strategies, and mindsets some of today’s best-in-class sales and marketing leaders are currently leveraging to overcome misalignment challenges and drive revenue.

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Sam East

CRO, Sendoso

Kyle Coleman

VP of Revenue & Growth, Clari

Linda Fitzek

Head of Sales & Marketing Operations, Uber for Business

Daniel Day

VP of Marketing, Rollbar

Latane Conant

CMO, 6sense

Watch this webinar, and you'll learn

  • How to use data to make strategic ABM decisions about which accounts to target and when to engage
  • What channels are most effective for providing sales ready leads
  • Methods for selecting and agreeing upon target accounts to pursue for your ABM strategy