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Some B2B companies are killing it with digital advertising. Do they know something you don't?

B2B companies are pouring money into digital media — spend is up 22.6% over last year! But digital advertising can be hard to execute, and even harder to measure at scale. It’s no secret that people are harder to reach now that everyone is working from home.

To make matters more complicated, many ad platforms are restricting the ability to target individuals due to privacy restrictions. So, what makes digital advertising so lucrative (and successful) for some B2B companies while others are seeing their budgets wasted?

Watch this webinar to discover how B2B marketers are rethinking digital advertising — what decisions they’re making, what platforms they are using, how they’re measuring success, and how they’re planning for the future.

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Dan Frohnen

CMO, Sendoso

Mimi Rosenheim

Sr. Director of Digital Marketing and Brand, Demandbase

Mitchell Hanson

Director of Demand Generation, ZoomInfo

Watch this webinar, and you'll learn

  • How B2B marketers are rethinking digital advertising
  • What decisions forward-thinking marketers are making and how they’re planning for the future
  • What platforms high-performance teams are using and how they’re measuring success