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Move the Needle on Top Accounts: How to Use Engagement Data & eGifting to Enable Your Sales Team

The world is changing, but the status quo remains that 58% of consumers want a personalized experience, so how can you make sure your ABM campaigns keep up? One marketer did exactly this. Colleen Jackson, ABM Manager at Anaplan pivoted her ABM strategy to enable her sellers to provide a (more) personalized experience for her prospects using Engagement Data and eGifting.

Engagio’s Head of Growth, Brandon Redlinger, sits down with Colleen to take a close look at how she is creating programs for her sales team to still move the needle on their target accounts.

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Brandon Redlinger

Head of Growth, Engagio

Colleen Jackson

ABM Leader, Anaplan

Watch this Webinar and you will learn how Anaplan:

  • Leverages eGifts and digital sending for their ABM program
  • Uses engagement data to enable their sales team to reach the right accounts
  • Enables a newly remote sales team to be data driven and helps them master their tech stack