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Marketplace Mondays

Drive ROI and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts with these new Marketplace ideas! In our monthly webinar series, Marketplace Mondays, we feature the best sends to delight your customers.
The series will showcase our Marketplace partners and the ways you can get the most out of your sends. We will share new direct mail ideas, customer use cases, creative sequencing, and sales plays to help you find the most creative ways to engage your audience.

Sneak peek of what’s in store:

  • Monthly Marketplace sends to deliver memorable experiences that will surprise and delight.
  • Effective tactics proven to increase buyer engagement and set more meetings.
  • Best practices for your ABM programming to accelerate pipeline.
  • Insight to successful sends from our partners across the globe.
  • Puns and plays for Sales, Marketing, and CX to maximize ROI and generate measurable results

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Kally Roberts

Customer Advocacy

Aideen Teo

Buyer, Partnership Manager

Xi Kuang

Sr. Manager, Marketplace Partnerships

Andi Turnland

Marketplace Partnerships