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How Marketing & Sales Alignment Can Lead to over 200% ROI

Every team talks about sales and marketing alignment, but what happens when you actually pull it off? Massive ROI.

When Uberflip used SalesLoft and Sendoso to align their teams around a single massive campaign, they saw more than 3000% ROI on pipeline value and a over 200% return on closed revenue. Join this webinar to learn how high-performing organizations align their teams and achieve incredible results.

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Sruthi Kumar

Senior Marketing Manager, Sendoso

Melissa Meinert

Director of Demand Generation, Salesloft

Chris Olive

Director of Sales Development, Salesloft

Heidi Vandermeer

Account Based Marketing, Sendoso

Watch this On-Demand Webinar and you will learn:

  • What actually needs to happen for marketing and sales alignment
  • How to create campaigns that are multi-channel and cross-functional
  • What needs to happen before, during, and after a campaign to achieve success