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The Human Approach To Engagement

Personalization tactics have been on the rise and were even before the pandemic, leaving our buyers and customers expecting experiences that are similar to that of a B2C consumer. In using B2C-like tactics to engage target audiences, B2B professionals brought the “human-to-human” (H2H) concept of audience engagement to the forefront. In 2021, human connection is priority #1.

Join Sendoso VP of Marketing Kai Ichikawa and CRMNEXT Head of Marketing James Gilbert as they share:

  • The types of personal touches that actually advance a business agenda and relationship
  • Data and historical results that show us that going back to basics just might be the way forward
  • How to humanize your revenue generation programs by blending physical with digital strategies with sends

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Kai Ichikawa

VP of Product Marketing, Sendoso

James Gilbert

Head of Marketing, CRMNext