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How to Use Gifting In Your Sales Cycle

With the current digital landscape, you are not alone if you find yourself constantly wondering about new ways you can leverage to engage with your customers and close more deals. Did you know that adding just one additional step in your cadence that isn’t an email or a call can double your response rate? It is important for organizations to deliver value at every stage of the buyer’s journey to stand out and connect with their customers. Strategic gifting is one of the top ways to shorten sales cycles and increase close rates.

Using a gifting service like Sendoso can be an amazing way to elevate your sales strategy at every part of the cycle.

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In this webinar, Sendoso and Salesloft cover:

  • How the current digital landscape has evolved
  • Reinvent the way you market to engage with customers
  • Ways you can achieve revenue goals and increase ROI with gifting
Jerry Henry, Director of Professional Services and Onboarding, Sendoso

Speaker: Kai Ichikawa, VP of Product Marketing Sendoso

Jordan Luvisi

Speaker: Jordan Luvisi, Director of Sales Sendoso