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How to Apply an ABX Strategy to the Full Revenue Funnel

Discussion with Sendoso and TOPO

In order to stand out and build relationships with target accounts, businesses have to humanize their approach across Marketing, Sales, and CX—evolving ABM into ABX.

Account-based Everything (ABX) is not just owned by marketing. It requires ownership across the entire revenue funnel, from marketing to sales to CX.

During this webinar, Sendoso’s CMO Dan Frohnen and Senior Director of Product Marketing, Lauren Barraco will share how an effective ABX strategy must include three key elements across the entire customer journey: perfect timing, relevant content, and customized experiences.

They will also be joined by TOPO Analyst, Eric Wittlake who will share his findings on the future of ABX and how your organization can evolve into this new go-to-market strategy.

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Dan Frohnen

CMO, Sendoso

Lauren Barraco

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Sendoso

Eric Wittlake

Senior Analyst, Marketing Practice, TOPO

What you'll learn at the event

  • TOPO’s findings on the future of ABX and how your organization can execute on this go-to-market strategy
  • How Sendoso features help you perfectly time your outreach and follow-up, deliver hyper-relevant sends, and create completely customized experiences
  • Tips for enabling your team to build irreplaceable relationships with target accounts across the entire customer journey