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A Sendoso Customer Story: How MarketStar saw 333% Increase in Marketing Contributed Revenue

As a company that provides quota-based outsource sales and marketing, MarketStar has worked with some of the most recognizable tech companies in the world. However, getting the attention of their decision makers— VPs, directors, and above— to start that relationship can be challenging. The team set out 18 months ago to uplevel their outreach strategy and build pipeline from the ground up.

Sendoso’s Lauren Barraco sits down with MarketStar Senior Manager of Demand Generation and ABM, Amy Wilde to talk through how MarketStar was able to incorporate personal ABM touchpoints with buyers at enterprise accounts, increasing marketing contributed revenue by 333%.

Out of the Box is a virtual experience bringing together 35 account-based leaders to discuss what it takes to execute an Account-Based strategy across every stage of the revenue funnel. Enjoy MarketStar’s inspirational session from this event!

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Lauren Barraco

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Sendoso

Amy Wilde

Sr. Marketing Manager, MarketStar