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From Acquisition to Advocacy: Leveraging ABM for Customer-centric Growth

Customer retention and expansion are fundamental drivers of business growth. However, while many organizations focus their efforts on customer acquisition, it is equally crucial to devote attention to customer retention, growth, and upselling strategies.

In this webinar, we explore the power of ABM as a strategic approach to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business success. Our experts discuss how ABM, traditionally associated with acquisition, can be harnessed to create personalized and targeted experiences for your existing customer base. They also share actionable strategies to ensure customer happiness and maximize their lifetime value (LTV).

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Are you utilizing your MarTech stack to its full potential? In a struggling economy where companies are looking to reduce costs, it can be hard to know which tools to keep or get, if you don’t have a clear reason for what you are looking to achieve. Marketers need to first build a strategy around their business and customers so they can deliver value with their MarTech tools.

Join Sendoso’s Linda Fitzek, VP of Revenue Operations, and Jerry Henry, Director of Sales Strategy and Enablement as they discuss how to build a tech stack that aligns with your business needs and your overall strategy.

You’ll learn:

  • The significance of customer retention and expansion in driving business growth
  • How to identify and understand your most valuable customers
  • Techniques to develop personalized ABM campaigns for customer retention, growth, and upsell motions
  • Key tactics for engaging and delighting your existing customers throughout their journey

Speaker: Jess Fisher, Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Sendoso

Karen Steele

Speaker: Austin Sandmeyer, Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Sendoso