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Essential Tips for Motivating and Inspiring Your Remote SDR Team

As a sales or SDR leader, the energy of the sales floor can be a critical tool for motivating your team to build pipeline and close deals. Reps can learn from each other. You celebrate wins together. So what happens when your team is suddenly remote and you can’t encourage them in the ways that you used to?

Sendoso’s Director of Sales Development Andrea Lydon brings together Katherine Andruha of Coursera, Michael Tuso of ChiliPiper, and Joe Venuti of Sendoso to talk the tips, tricks, and growing pains in managing remote teams.

You’ll learn:

  • How to incentivize your SDRs to keep them motivated and increase performance
  • How to encourage teamwork to keep your reps engaged
  • Essential productivity tools you should have in your tech stack

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Joe Venuti

VP of Inside Sales, Sendoso

Michael Tuso

Director of Revenue Intelligence, Chili Piper

Andrea Lydon

Director of Sales Development, Sendoso

Katherine Andruha

Global Sales Development Leader, Coursera